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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Piper Cams / valve clearance
« on: 22:04, Mon 28 November 2011 »
Hi ,
I have just fitted a Piper Cams to KTR spec ( it is the modified 260) . The engine is running fine , no problem .
Today I wanted to double check the valve clearance and realised that the valve clearance given by Piper was the following : 0.37 for the inlet and 0.42 for the exhaust . I just thought WOA that's huge . I took the ETAI document and realised the Renault one for a standard camshaft was 0.20 for the inlet and 0.25 for the exhaust .
The Piper valve clearance to respect is about twice more than the Renault one .
So my question is why ? what clearance do you have/adjust when running with this particular camshaft ?
What is the valve clearance to have when running with a Piper 270 or 285 ... is it even more than these ones ?
The first idea I had was probably to avoid a contact between the pistons and valves at high RPM since the springs to use are the standard ones .
Cheers .

Non Renault topics / subaru parts
« on: 11:06, Thu 22 April 2010 »
Hi guys ,
I've got a friend who's got an Impreza to take to the MOT next month and he has some  parts to replace ( brake parts especially ). So my question is do you a company/web site which sells for a FAIR price Sub parts ? the prices we found are scandalously expensive .
Thanks for your help .

Newbies / Hi , I'm a new member from France
« on: 20:54, Fri 27 March 2009 »
Hi all ,
I'm Philippe , 28 , and I live in France , 40 kms in the South of Lyon .
I've got a GT Turbo phase 1 of 1985 , a black one which I bought in 2004 for 750 , a second hand . When I bought I was looking for a GT in bad condition to give it a second life . So this GT had the cranshaft and one rod damaged due to a problem of lubrification . So I looked for a crankshaft and rod to replace mine . It cost me 100 for the crankshaft + 30 for the rod . Of course these were used parts ( something like 700 for the crankshaft from Renault   :shock:  WEUH !!! ) so I polished the crankshaft and made it balance to make it safe and then everything was O.K .
So then I could start to modify the engine with some nice parts ( and I'm still continuing to improve it ) HE he he he.

I've got a Renault 21 Quadra from 1991 ( 4 wheel drive , I'm not sure you call it that way ??? ) for 1 year and I'm still working on it .
I like the way you modify the GTs in the UK so I hope I'm welcome . I'll do my best to express myself properly .
Thanks .

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