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Your cars / My ORB
« on: 17:07, Mon 31 January 2011 »
Ok, heres a quick write up of my on and off project for the last 5 and a half years now. I try and get it done in bits and enjoy driving it in between and this year is another work year. Car started as a rusty tungy grey and got resprayed by me and a m8 in 2007.
Couple of shots of the outside which is almost finished.

Bonnet is no where near as good as it looks in photo, has a small crack in the laquer at bottom of vent and alignment has never been great with it (hope thats the bonnet anyway) Have a spare that just needs spraying up.

This years task is sorting the engine bay out, it wasn't resprayed with the rest of the car and is the last bit that desperately need doing as door shuts and all other bits got done with the original spray. Rust is the main reason :(

Will also have to sort this bit out when respraying the bay just to make it more difficult

To go with that its time to put the interior back in, i now have a full interior but some of it isnt good enough to go in, inside was sprayed black when outisde was done blue and i liked having it stripped out for a bit but everytime i see a 5 with a nice interior i want the same. Drvers seat is ragged but passenger is good.
Door card off as window regulator failed

Much more cleaning needed here.

So thats where its at now. Lots done and even more to do :) All comments welcome.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / subframes
« on: 05:52, Sat 20 March 2010 »
hi guys. Looking at some bucket seats but they come with subframes for different car, a vw. Do they just need some holes drilling or will i have to get 5 specific subframes? Thanks

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