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Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb jets?
« on: 19:02, Sat 07 March 2009 »
so there are two types for solex 32dis? turbo and non turbo?
are the jets the same for both? as in can i buy the right size jets of the standard solex 32dis and out them in my turbo one?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo sounds?
« on: 18:14, Sat 07 March 2009 »
my turbo makes a twittering sound when you let off the gas! guess its the waste gate but should it sound like this? i have no dump valve

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb problems!
« on: 17:25, Sat 07 March 2009 »
i have a aircooled vw with a gt5 turbo and solex 32 dis carb, and i will not fuel right . it has had the choke removed and the sizes are
choke tube- 25
main jet- 135
air compenstting jet- 110
idle jet- 46
it is running very rich and when i turn the mixture screw it makes no differents to the idle at all! in fact i can take it out and screw it right in and it still runs the same. anyone got any info on why this may be?

Newbies / hello
« on: 18:55, Fri 06 March 2009 »
hi everyone, i'm not a pure r5 turbo man........running a gt5 turbo and solex 32dis in my 1971 karmann ghia. heard this is the place to learn about my new toy :)

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