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Newbies / I'm Back....again!!
« on: 10:30, Wed 20 January 2010 »
Heyo to anyone that may or may not remember me...
Just thought I'd pop back in as my lovely other half may well be getting a R5gtt (for us to share...awww), I have been through 2 campus primas, and my life long dream has been to have a turbo!

We are looking at one after the weekend that will need a bit of tlc and could be a bit of a fun project, but that's all good seen as I'm not in a great state to be driving at the moment due to being 8 months pregnant and too huge to fit behind a wheel. Will let you know if we get this turbo or not as soon as I know myself!!

General Chat / I lost the game
« on: 19:40, Fri 15 August 2008 »
You are playing the game
Whenever you think about the game, you lose
Loss must be announced

Newbies / Back again!!
« on: 19:50, Fri 19 October 2007 »
hi all!! dont kow if any of u would remember me?!?
well i'm back! (again!)
  Recent updates for those of you that do remember me....
My 5 was a write off (apparemtly cuz of too much rust!)
I have had my license revoked  :x
And am now looking to got license back and get myself a gt turbo!! hehehe

General Chat / Max Power Live 2006
« on: 17:06, Wed 10 May 2006 »
Is anyone going to maxpower this yr?? i shud (hopefully) b doing modelling 4 a mates company, (invoit internaitional) so anyone coming pop over n say hi!!

General Chat / Ooops......
« on: 20:03, Wed 05 April 2006 »
i managed 2 "economically" write my car off.......... :cry:
Some Wa**er pulled out of a junction then decided 2 stop in the middle of the road, and i didnt manage 2 stop intime b4 i went in2 the side of his car... Im now in a fowl mood and will soon be saying goodbye to my baby.....  :(
One day i will own another 1, as i am still totally in love wit my 5, but sadly this time, the scrappy has earnt himself anothe campus.

Newbies / IM BACK!!!!!!!!!
« on: 03:04, Thu 09 February 2006 »
hey all!!!! im back, this time with a lisence and car!!!!!!! HAH!!!
Just broke up with my bloke now living in wiltshire!!! just got net access, and thort id just tell u all im still about, will get sum fotos of my pride and joy up soon! (only a campus, all i could find at the time, looking 4 a gtt tho!!)

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

General Chat / HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
« on: 21:57, Sun 25 December 2005 »
Happy christmas all, hope u all got what u wanted! :D

General Chat / IM GETTING A CAR!!!!
« on: 15:07, Fri 16 December 2005 »
:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D
I thought the day would never come, but i SHOULD have a gt turbo in a couple of days!!! im bouncing off the wall with excitement so i thort id tell u all aswell!!!! If all goes well, by christmas, i should be sorted!!!  (ADVISORY: I suggest anyone living in the uk gives up driving once i get a car........roads are no longer safe!!)
 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

General Chat / Need For Speed Most Wanted
« on: 21:54, Sun 27 November 2005 »
:D WOW :D ! Awesome game, abosolutely loving it.  Anyone else played it yet?

Non Renault topics / BMW mini
« on: 21:34, Sun 13 November 2005 »
heres a couple of pics of my boyfriends car, what does everyone think??

That was at 'Hot Impot Nights' Alexandria palace in london.
the car took two 4ft trophies for:
                  Best Brittish car.
and             Best Interior. :D

General Chat / ego teast!
« on: 19:39, Sun 13 November 2005 »

General Chat / Where's everyone from????
« on: 17:01, Sun 13 November 2005 »
Don't know if this has been posted before and i havn't  found it yet, im from south wales and was just curious as to where everyone is from?

« on: 21:52, Fri 11 November 2005 »
hello every1!!!! just thort id introduce sian from south wales, age 17, just passed my theory, working on the actual driving part now!
Looking 2 buy a r5 gt turbo, as ive been set on owning one for about 4 years now, and fingers crossed should have one fairly soon!!! :D !!!

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