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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Seat Bolsters???
« on: 20:51, Tue 24 February 2009 »
Is there a guide somewhere for how to do this?? I have tried the search function but not coming up with anything.

I am considering replacing one of mine and don't really know what is involved, i have seen you can buy replacement bolsters can anyone point me in the right direction??



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Paint and paint codes??
« on: 15:31, Tue 24 February 2009 »
Going to need some paint in the not to distant future and wondered the best place to buy it?? Guessing Renault is going to be mega but not sure if anyone else stocks it??

I want the right colour though is there a particular paint code i need to use and is it worth trying Halfrauds??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / K-Tec Boot Brace??
« on: 17:57, Fri 20 February 2009 »
Just got one of these in the post to me with the fixings - anyone able to send me a copy of fitting instructions or provide any advice??

Guessing it has to be drilled through the suspension tops or something??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gauge Question?!?
« on: 14:59, Wed 18 February 2009 »
Ok so someone along the line 'kindly' bodged 3 gauges into the space which used to be occupied by the central air vent.

In all fairness they do all work and appear to read accurately however in my quest for standardness i want rid of them and to replace the air vent. Today i tackled the glue, filler, silicone etc. that has been holding them in and finally managed to get them out.

From left to right they are - temp, boost, oil

Now on the dash the turbo gauge works fine so that's not really a problem, the oil and temp gauges don't move. I assumed that the feed for these two had been removed and attached to the new gauges. I just can't figure out what i need to change back to get the original dials working?!?

Photo of the back of the new gauges -

Picture of behind the dash panel, new looking black and red wiring is for the new gauges and think its to do with their illumination.

And the dash binnacle -

So can anyone help me out with what i need to disconnect from the gauges and reconnect to the dash to get them working??



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Interior carpet?!?
« on: 14:47, Wed 18 February 2009 »
Will a interior carpet from a Renault 5 GTX for the Turbo?? Guessing the carpet can't be that dissimilar.............can it?



Your cars / My Tungsten Grey 5 GTT (pic heavy!)
« on: 17:05, Tue 17 February 2009 »
So it's early days in my ownership, just had it nearly week now but so far i have loved every minute of it! Ever since before i could drive i was desperate for a 5 Turbo and i used to get a lift into my weekend job back then with someone who had a pearl white one.

When he came to sell it i had passed my test and was driving, i was adamant i wanted to buy it but back then my dad stood in the way and said it would be so much trouble and cost so much money. My fascination with them never died from that point on, so here we are 11 years later and i have one.

Friends over the years have owned a couple of 5 turbo's mostly modified examples, i have always been a big fan of the standard look to the 5 and swore that one day when i owned one it would be a credit to me and wouldn't deviate far from the standard spec.

Last Friday i became the owner of this 1989 G reg 5 turbo, it has 84,000 miles on the clock and as they go seems reasonably tidy all round. Previous owners have left their own little marks on it which i will slowly change and return back to standard.

How far i take this i am not really sure at the moment but i have room to keep it in my garage out of the way and work on it as my little project.

So the photos and updates will start here then.

These are following a 'rinse' off!

So plans so far are to remove the seats and replace with originals, the lights are going in place of originals. The three gauges that have been hashed into the dash are going to be replaced by the original air vent. Toying with fitting Clio 16v alloys but thats early days yet.

Got an Alpine h/u to go in the dash, the tacky silver stickers that are apparently an 'alloy look dash kit' have been removed and all trim cleaned. About 3 miles worth of stereo cable, some of which was still live i found out! has been stripped out.

The air filter is going to be relocated, probably going to send it into Renault for a service which will be interesting...............

And so it goes on, as and when things change i will take photos and update the thread.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / What's this??
« on: 16:55, Mon 16 February 2009 »
In a bid to identify various unknown parts under the bonnet this item is causing me some head scratching, whatever it is it looks like it is probably past its best but not knowing what it is i can't replace it!

Anyone have any ideas????

Close up -

And it's location in the engine bay -

Cheers in advance


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Need to replace this hose??
« on: 16:52, Mon 16 February 2009 »
Having a route round the 5 today and tidying some bits and pieces up and found a rather worse for wear hose!!

What looks to be some sort of duct which goes from the top edge of the front grill into a rigid black pipe was connected with jubilee clips to a 'foil type tube which dropped down by the air filter and connected to what looked to be an inlet into the turbo, again secured with a jubilee clip. This pipe was shot and split and really not doing anything!

Firstly can anyone tell me what should be there, guessing Renault didn't use tin foil pipes?!?

Secondly what can i use to replace the flimsy tubing? Guessing a silicone hose would be the best thing but its getting it in the right shape to miss the air filter and tuck neatly into the gap.

And out of interest what affect would this pipe being so damaged and split have on the characteristics of the car if any?

Took a couple of snaps to try and explain what i mean -

The knackered pipe -

The black rigid hose and in the background the inlet for the other end to connect to -



Newbies / Morning - my Tungsten Grey R5!
« on: 09:38, Sat 14 February 2009 »
Well i have sort of done things backwards - been all over the forum asking questions and advertising for wanted items but neglected to come in here and introduce myself!!!!

I recently bought this 1989 Tungsten Grey R5 having always wanted one when i was younger. THis particular car came up at (what i think!) was good money and seemed an opportunity not to be missed.

Its done 83 odd thousand miles and is generally very tidy, it has a bit of the usual rust around the windscreen however my intention is to take the screen out at some point remove the rust respray and then refit screen with nice new rubbers.

Other than that it wouldn't seem like there is any major work, my desire was always to own a standard example of this car so the seats are coming out and the rear lights coming off too.

Engine is standard other than a filter and DV and to be honest i think it will probably stay this way but we will see.

Loads of great info on here so i am sure i will be in and out quite a bit.

Here's some pics hope you like -


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Drivers door dropped??
« on: 00:05, Sat 14 February 2009 »
Is this a common problem - when the door is open there is movement up and down in the pins in the hinge. When you close the door it does not shut, i assume it mis-aligned if the door has dropped.

What i am not sure about is how to remedy the problem - not sure why the door has dropped to be able to fix it???

Has anyone else suffered this problem or can suggest a remedy. Its not so bad when closing the door from the outside but got into drive to work tonight and the door flew open going round a roundabout! :shock:  Had to hold it closed till i got to work.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear Spolier??
« on: 16:05, Fri 13 February 2009 »

I have recently purchased an R5 and when cleaning it today found the spoiler is very loosely attached to the boot! I wondered if anyone can give me some pointers on a) how it was originally attached and b) how best to attach it now??

It looks like somebody in the past has tried to do it but its a lame attempt using double sided sticky squares which clearly aren't any match for british weather!!

Cheers in advance


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