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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Tight to turn over or not, new rebuild c1j.
« on: 21:11, Thu 05 July 2012 »
Hi folks,

im unsure if i have an issue with this rebuild, note full rebuild.

Now with the crank fitted in situ and torqued down it spins smooth and freely by rotating via the crank sprocket bolt...
if i fit the conrods/pistons without pistons rings the crank spins smoothly and freely as you would expect...
the problem  "I THINK" is when ive fitted the piston rings and then try to rotate the crank.! to me it seems stiff but im unsure as its been a while since my last rebuild.

now the only way i can tell you how much force i need to apply to the crank via the sprocket bolt is to rotate the crank with a torque wrench and state at what NM the crank starts to move.

the force i need to apply to rotate the crank is 35NM at the easiest and 39NM at the hardest point.  is this expectable?  oh and i did check the ring gaps.

am i just being paranoid.?

Newbies / Hi Folks
« on: 22:50, Fri 23 January 2009 »
hi folks, just joined.  

some may know me from rtoc :mrgreen:
ive owned alot of gtt's in the past, my current one has been in storage for just over 5 years. im just in the process of finishing rebuilding the engine and sorting all the little iffy annoying problems out.

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