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i need a trailor to pick up a car, i am based in leicestershire so around there preferable. I can put down some sort of deposit for it until i return it. or if anyone knows of a cheap hire place, any help greatly appreciated.



General Chat / blue phase II
« on: 23:20, Mon 15 June 2009 »
Can anyone tell me if there was ever a blue phase II other than the raider made?

General Chat / phase 1's
« on: 18:52, Thu 04 June 2009 »
Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. Is the phase one any rarer or more sort after than the phase two's? Will these or do these hold there value more than phase 2's? are the parts harder and / or more expensive to get hold of? i heard the turbo's are different to the phase 2s, something to do with water/oil cooling? (might be wrong!). if this is true is it hard to get hold of a turbo upgrade? say a T2/25??

Thanks a lot in advance for the help guys.


General Chat / Anyone know this car?
« on: 22:24, Sun 31 May 2009 »
H985 BVL   tungy grey

Might even be someones on here but i had a feeling it might be the one oakgreen16v (think thats the right name) won on ebay but then did not buy!?

Sorry if this is a different car! just wondering if anyone knew it and knew what it is like.


General Chat / RTOC
« on: 21:32, Mon 25 May 2009 »
Hi, just wondering if anyone on here who is also a member of RTOC could tell me if there is many 5s for sale on there at the moment? I am not tight honest but i had planned to sign up when i had bought my 5 to maximise usage. I was hoping to get by using this forum until i purchased one. I love it on here and have heard RTOC is even bigger. I am just wondering if there are many for sale as i might join up earlier in my quest to find one! cheers

General Chat / engine builds
« on: 20:27, Mon 25 May 2009 »
right then, say if i bought an engine in the near future whilst trying to find a gtt would it be possble to re-build it? what i mean is that i would be putting it back together and adding uprated / new parts but would have nothing to put it in. so i would not be able to test it until it was finished then it might have loads wrong with it. anyway to test along the way? would i need an engine stand and just out of interest where could i get one from and how much??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / top mounts
« on: 18:58, Mon 25 May 2009 »
hi just saw a pic of an engine bay with the cap bis of the top of the suspension mount / box things! whatever they are called! lol!! Anyway i noticed that the struts underneath did not match / line up with th top holes. So it looked like you would have to remove the top plates (where a strut brace would sit on / attach to) to get to the top of the struts? is this correct or shud they line up?

Sorry if it is not a very good description

General Chat / bodywork / rust
« on: 19:27, Sat 09 May 2009 »
So i looked at another 5 today and had a good poke around the underneath etc. basically there was some pretty bad rust around the boot window, couple of blemishes on the front of bonnet and the rubber around the front windscreen does not meet in the middle at the bottom meaning there is some rust gathering there. With the boot i am thinking that this could be replaced, bonnet tidied up. the thing is the windscreen rust does not look too far gone yet, how easy is it to sort rust out? i am guessing i would have to remove the glass and rubber. can quite a lot of rust be fixed without welding?? looking underneath you could tell it had been undersealed and looked, felt solid. right i gave the sills a good pull and push and they felt solid although had a fair bit of surface rust but did not have big lumps coming free etc, so is this ok or if they have a fairly good coating of brown rust should it be avoided? along the very end of the drivers door it is starting to rust and bubble, looks just like the end where mayber catches on closing. rest of bodywork looks good for age (apart from dent in drivers door), really solid around fuel cap etc.

So at what point do you guys walk away from rust? like i said it wasnt just falling off! i fully understand it is an old car but i do not want to have welding to do and want it to be useable and i think the price reflects the condition, lets just say its not up for thousands!!

General Chat / euro rear clusters (original renault) wings
« on: 00:30, Sat 09 May 2009 »
anyone know where a set of these can be bought from? have searched google but cannot seem to find anything. the ones i am after are the ones you get on the french cars so i can have a clear bit at the bottom of both sides. (as there reverse light is opposite side to ours)

also i have seen french front wings on a car over here before and they come without the side repeater holes, (anyone know where i could get these from too?) if i could get some of these would i need some indicators put in the wing mirrors for MOT? or as the front ones wrap around the side a bit would this be ok??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cylinder head
« on: 19:25, Thu 07 May 2009 » ... -454-p.asp

If i was upgrading to a group a headgasket kit would it be advisable to get the above head? i know it does not mention porting and polishing like you can get of cgb also but they are 350!! so wondering if the above was any good? If i upgraded my headgasket what is the best way to see if it is warped? if its not warped would it be ok to keep the head with group A gasket set?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / actuators
« on: 19:18, Thu 07 May 2009 »
can someone please explain the difference between a single port and twin port actuator? pros and cons as well if poss. cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Boost
« on: 22:49, Wed 06 May 2009 »
few questions about boost, is it better to set the boost at the actuator rather tan an incar boost controller so fuelling is correct? also say if your running 15psi can that be run safely all the time as long as your engine is set up correctly? what is the differnce between a single port or twin port actuator?

General Chat / what to look for
« on: 22:56, Tue 05 May 2009 »
Right basically i was wondering what everyone thinks is the most important things to look for when loking at a 5.

I understand they are old motors now but i always get carried away looking for small and probably un-important imperfections. So where should i start?

I am guessing that people do not class rust on the bonnet, boot, doors etc to important as these are easily replaced panels. As long as the underneath is solid I suppose that is ok. Engine wise as long as it runs with MOT and tax that is a good start, any uprated parts a bonus?!

As you can see i just want re-assuring and some key pointers. Lastly what is a reasonable price to be looking at for a good condition 5 turbo, without any / many mods and with a 150bhp or upwards engine ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / pro alloy intercooler
« on: 22:40, Tue 05 May 2009 »
I have seen a pro alloy front mount intercooler which does not require any cutting of the car. This along with the fact it is a kit specifically for the car makes it an interesting proposition. The main downside is the fact it is around 500 after VAT and delivery. So basically i was wondering if anyone has one of these or has had one of these in the past and are they any good? Like i say i know there are alternatives, probably cheaper options at that but like i say it is a direct fit with no cutting! Is one of these as good as say a lower down front mounted intercooler? and is it better than a double capacity that just replaces the original one? ... d=proalloy

Renault 5 GT Turbo / welding new sills
« on: 23:09, Thu 30 April 2009 »
i have seen replacement sills somewhere recently (think it was cgb) has anyone had these done and have any idea on price for a pro welder to do. also can the sills ust be sprayed up to match the bodywork or would it need a full spray?

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