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« on: 13:28, Sat 02 May 2009 »
fair bit to do, but it now runs an drives, which is a lot more than it did !
reconned the head, recon carb rewired the engine loom, moved the aei [it was a proper shit state] did a bit of tidying under the bonnet, flushed the oil & cooling system, new filters ect ect fitted an interior [wrong one i know, but its fairly clean & tidy]. thats as far as i've got at the mo

now got a new turbo on it waiting to be set up, jus refurbed a set of top mounts ect an got a set of shocks an springs, hopefully will make it look a lil bit better.

if anybody knows how to get paint off plastic body kits without damaging it ???

Your cars / FISHYS PHASE 2
« on: 19:14, Thu 23 April 2009 »
ok, i thought i'd make the most of it as the ol girls actually in 1 piece today, anyone that knows me will understand that doent happen very often  :D  any how i gave her a quick wipe over an took a few pics.

fair few years ago this one

next 4 are last year

an these are today

an thats her, together an running !!!  for now.

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