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Links / turbo 2 maxi replica
« on: 17:39, Tue 03 March 2009 » ... plica.html

Just thought Id post this, may just download the pictures and host them to save people having to sign up to see them.

General Chat / Running a GT with Turbo disconnected?
« on: 22:20, Sun 01 March 2009 »
Hi guys,

Can someone please tell me if there's anything wrong with this, I figured the campus engine 1.4 conversion will be pointless if I can drop to the power of a campus and explain to the insurance company that I have the turbo disconnected.  Can anyone help? Will be inquiring tomorrow with insurance company but wanted to know if theres much difference between the Campus and GT Turbo (with no turbo)  thanks and sorry for noob question

General Chat / GTT to Campus conversion
« on: 00:30, Tue 27 January 2009 »
I've come to the decision that I will buy a tungy GTT and remove the engine and put a non turbo campus 1.4 engine in to keep the insurance down (as much as possible anyway),

My problems are:-
With it being Registered as a GT Turbo, what will happen in terms of insurance? (I will of course change the engine on the log book)

Will it lower my insurance at all with it being a modified GT Turbo even though I would be putting a less powerful engine in it?

Any help is greatly appreciated, if anyone has experience with this.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help with 1.4 Campus performance upgrades?
« on: 22:10, Tue 20 January 2009 »
I thought this was the most relevent area to post this, sorry if it isn't.

I can't afford a GTT but am hoping to upgrade a Campus I'm looking at buying, still havn't found the right one yet though.
I am firstly going to lower front and rear about 30mm and put a phase 2 bodykit on it.

After this I would hope to get a rear disc brake instead of the drum, is this an expensive or difficult job?
I'll be honest, I've never worked on a car before but have plenty of mechanical knowledge. I would be hesitant to put my hands to the bodywork too, but you have to start somewhere and it would be my first 5.

What would be the best thing to spend my money on? thanks

Newbies / RS125 rider soon to be GTT driver
« on: 11:58, Tue 30 December 2008 »
Hi all, been looking through this forum because I have developed an obsession with R4 GT Turbos..

I'm 23 and live down in South Wales.

Currently own an Aprilia RS125

Just to drop a few specs:
Full Power, 34mm Carb, JimLomas Single Stainless Exhaust, VForce3 Reeds, PiperX VectorCone AirFilter, Hel Braided Brake Lines, '07 Rear Caliper. And just had a full respray all white and wheels graphite.
Not really one to be too concerned with specs but thought someone may be interested, any other RS riders on here?

I love tuning my bike (but my wallet doesn't!) and can't wait to learn all there is about the R5GTT's and I'm sure this is the place to be.

As you guessed don't own one, havn't even got my car license yet, never had the desire with having the bike and all, the R5GTT however has given me the motivation and I'm going to sort it ASAP.
        I'll be after a totally standard look, I want the phase 2 in gray (or is it tungsten?) so please make me aware if there are any good examples for sale in that colour. I'm always checking the For Sale section btw.

Thanks for reading.

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