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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Setting VNT turbo boost?
« on: 13:52, Sat 03 October 2009 »
just had my vnt turbo fitted and its over boosting big time.
Anyone shine me some light on how to reduce the boost? also the actuator operates by vaccum?
is there ment to be a different way of connecting the actuator up?

guys ive got a spare carb witch ive stripped down and would like to drill and tap the second stage for a AC jet to fit (for future use)

what is the thread type/size on the AC jet?? would just like to find out before i get my tap&die set out.

cheers Mark

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 1000 to spend, your advice will be great.
« on: 21:09, Tue 31 March 2009 »
Right guys ive just droped off my bottom end of my engine to have the crank reground polished, new shells and bigends, new piston rings,re-honed and head skimmed presure tested.

So im hoping you guys could help me choose the right parts to use as its a track car only,and what mods would be best on track
Ive got just over 1k to spend on performance parts thats including a new turbo so wont have much left after that :cry:

want to be running about 180bhp and was looking to get

New T25 turbo but unsure whats best to go with my mods below also turbo lag on track coming out of corners :?
piper cams 285 with uprated springs from CGB?
Front oil cooler.

Any info or advice will be appreciated :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Flat top pistons ????
« on: 14:31, Mon 30 March 2009 »
Could someone give me abit more info please?

I came across some R5 Turbo standard pistons that have been machined flat on the top to reduce engine comprestion???? for high boost :?
Has anybody on here done this?

Cheers Mark

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cylinder pressure test, does this look right?
« on: 13:08, Sun 22 March 2009 »
looking at doing a full bottom end rebuild so tought ill test the pressure as i might just do the full engine, piston rings the lot. what do you think is it worth changing the rings ect ect.....

I tested cylinders 1 to 4 from flywheel,

cylinder 1
dry test = 150psi
wet test = 160psi

cylinder 2
dry test = 148psi
wet test = 162psi

cylinder 3
dry test = 170psi  :shock:
wet test = 176psi  :shock:

cylinder 4
dry test = 142psi
wet test = 150psi

i did cylinder 3 three times cause i thought the guage was reading wrong put its right.

What do you guys think, is it worth changing or just leave it alone :?:

where should i start.

Finaly got my car on the road so i decided to set the boost to about 11psi
then had a problem as it kept cutting out, so sorted that by unpluging the overboost sensor on the short turbo pipe.

Right all was ok, so when up and down the road a few times it was ok no problems, but then it started to loose power about 5k revs from turbo on boost, felt like it was jamming.
so pulled over and felt the shaft was very loose and touching the sides of the housing, so i just thought the turbo was on his last legs and i killed it.

SO i managed to get a second hand turbo with the shaft in good condition with minimal play what so ever! so fitted it to my car and before i connected the oil feed pipe i decided to start the car to see if oil was getting to the turbo and yes it was poring out and back into the oil return pipe.

So went up the road and was boosting really well up to the letter 'B' on the turbo gauge thats about 9-10psi was loving it :P  so kept driving it around just to make sure everything was fine, then my oil light came on :?(Note:oil pressure gauge on dash dont work)  so went back home checked oil level and it was at the max, so went back out started boosting it up the road then...........It started doing it again plus the oil light came on again, pulled over took the airfilter off and the shaft was slack as hell :shock:  what the hell is causing this only went up the road 6 times :?:  :?:  and now the other turbo is the same as the first one loosing boost about 5k revs and slack as fook. cant understand how the turbo got so slack in a short time as it was a solid turbo :?
Also is the turbo ment be be spinning when idleing?? car was idleing under 1k and the turbo was spinning is that normal :?

help needed as im running out of money :cry:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Pop, Bang, Bang on Boost 'update'
« on: 20:39, Wed 18 March 2009 »
Right guys and girls need abit of help.
Took the car out today for a test run.

when driving with the bleed valve closed it boosts to 9psi and all is fine,
when i set to boost to 12psi and boot it it boosts up but then cuts out then boosts back up repeating as im being thrown in and out of my seat going pop, pop, bang bang :shock:

any ideas :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel pressure gauge
« on: 14:30, Mon 16 March 2009 »
Has anyone got a fuel pressure gauge fitted to there car :?:

As i wouldnt mind having one fitted to keep a eye on the pressure when hammering it round a track.

Could someone reconmend one to get for my R5 turbo :?:
One more question what pressure in psi is the R5 turbo fuel system?

Cheers Mark

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Sideskirt plastic/rubber strips??
« on: 14:12, Fri 27 February 2009 »
Guy cause the owner before me smoothed the side skirts into the car body i no longer have the black/plastic strips that run along the top of the side skirts.
Im taking all the filler out and would like to replace it back to original, so would anybody know where to get then and how much?

Thanks Mark

General Chat / Does Anyone Know This Guy? Username frix !!
« on: 13:50, Thu 26 February 2009 »
I bought a Standard gear knob of him at the end of January, And i didnt recive it so i Pm'd him and he replyed appoligised that he forget to send it :? Thats ok I understand.

I them got a pm from him on the 9th feb saying he sent it out on the 6th feb but i still have not recived it :!:  Ive sent him 3 Pms now and still know reply and cant get hold of him to see what is going on!!!!!! as it may of got lost in the post.
I understand that these things happen but its been 20 days now :evil:

Has any one got his mob number if so could you please Pm me it?

Thanks Mark

General Chat / Spray my Track car Matt Black, your ideas needed plz???
« on: 15:47, Mon 23 February 2009 »
was thinking of spraying my Car Matt Black? DIY

Because im only using my R5 as a track car and NOT a day to day runner was looking to choose a Funky but mean looking colour choice, but also to take into concideration i need a colour that is easy to touch up when scuffed on track :lol:

So im thinking Matt Black with red alloys or very bright colour luminous orange alloys??

Your help is needed people, ideas welcome, feel free to post up any pictures you feel will look good, and that goes well with matt black.

Im sure you lot could help me design the look of my car :P

Thanks, :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Bonnet pins ? where do they go?
« on: 21:27, Sun 08 February 2009 »
I need your help, does anybody on here know where to put bonnet pins for a quick release bonnet.

Im doing a track car at the mo and have got rid of the hinges at the front where they support the bonnet.

where is the best place to drill to put these bonnet pins in? any body got ant pictures to help me.

Hope you can help.
thanks, Mark

Media / Dance Fat Boy, Dance !!!!
« on: 10:51, Tue 03 February 2009 »
make sure you turn your speakers up!!!!

Your cars / My R5 turbo track car project. update page 4
« on: 19:20, Sat 10 January 2009 »
I bought this car as a non runner as a little project of mine to turn it into a track car.
As you can see from the pics its abit O.T.T :lol:
I will be changing the front end back to standard look with phase 2 bumber and original bonnet.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / New batt, new alt still no charge??
« on: 17:24, Thu 01 January 2009 »
hi fellas,

got a new batt and new alternator and still no charge, used a volt meter across batt still reads 12v even when reving,

also put meter across the teminals of the alternator still reads 12v

think i might have a duff alternator this has happend to me before when got a new one. but not sure???

how could i test the alternator my self?? will this work, overall there is three connection points on the alternator 1positive 1negative and 1brown clip at the top.
could i undo the positive and negative then start the car and use the volt meter across the connections, will that test it??????

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