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Renault 5 GT Turbo / sputter on boost
« on: 13:56, Fri 12 June 2009 »
basicly i just got my car pretty much finished yesterday and i took it out last nite and when i put my foot down in 1st and 2nd its fine but when it boosts for a wile in 3rd 4th and 5th it sputters? i think its either under fueling or the carb where its been sat for 5 months.
any advice greatful

thanks toby

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fuel pump
« on: 14:14, Tue 02 June 2009 »
hi there,
on my clio gt the fuel pump has broken since it has been sat for 3 months being sprayed but im not sure what pump i need. the clio one or renault 5.
it only has one outlet and 2 plugs for it.
any help would be great
thanks alot toby

Your cars / my clio turbo is back from respray :)
« on: 00:36, Fri 22 May 2009 »
5 months later and it almost finished :)
what do you all think of the new look?

From this

To This

Please let me no what you all think
cheers toby

General Chat / gt turbo 0-60?
« on: 00:53, Wed 28 January 2009 »
hiya i was just wandering what the 0-60 on a gt turbo should be?
because i wanna no if any thing has been done to mine  :?

cheers toby

Your cars / clio project update
« on: 12:31, Thu 22 January 2009 »
some updates

the car passed its mot today :)  :D  :D  :D

its nearly preped now only little bits to do like smoth all the kit in, the skirts, do the centre exit and then its gunna be sprayed gloss black with qold holographic glitter but not loads and loads of it.

does any one no where i could get lambo door kitfrom for my clio?

im gettin really excited now should be done in a couple of weeks :)  :D  :D
will keep updates comming
cheers toby

Your cars / some pics of my clio turbo project
« on: 01:15, Thu 15 January 2009 »
Heres some pics of my clio turbo only got a few though, it goes for its retest on saturday so hopefuly it passes then gotta get it resprayed, should be ready in a month or just over  :D .

b4 i got her

with the kit on her

gunna get a centre exit exhaust and spray it in either the bonnet grey or gloss black with red  8)

let me no what ya think? and if any one has any colour sugestions please let me no.

cheers toby

General Chat / help
« on: 19:41, Tue 30 December 2008 »
any one now good sites for upgrade parts and stuff?
cheers toby

Newbies / hiya ppl
« on: 01:22, Mon 29 December 2008 »
hiya ppl im toby
im 18 yrs old and live in devon, ive got a 1998 clio with a gt turbo lump in it.
should be finished in about a month :) cant wait to drive her :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / how high do they rev?
« on: 01:11, Mon 29 December 2008 »
hiya ppl i was just wandering if any of you could tell me what a gt turbo should rev to? because ive got a clio with a gt turbo in it and it seems to rev off the clock past 7 with like 4ft flames and dont no if thats standerd  :?  cheers toby

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