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General Chat / car-toons... just testing the water
« on: 19:05, Wed 08 July 2009 »
just a quick one, hope i dont get in trouble for posting this in here....

i'm gonna do a few car-toons of cars in my spare time, and just wandering if anyone would be interested in an A4 piccy of their car, 100% hand drawn and a one off... probably about a tenner just to cover time, postage etc.

i'll get a couple more examples done asap to post up if people are interested, but here is a seat leon i drew the other day for a friend:

if anyone is interested, let me know!

General Chat / black ph1 on the pics under 'your car' section
« on: 00:25, Wed 15 April 2009 »
who's is the black ph1 in the pics on the forum screen, the car on the left?

Your cars / the 'CTD' fleet
« on: 00:16, Wed 15 April 2009 »
scary... but they both work!! lol

more than can be said for me mates dimma...

guess what i'm doing 2mora after work... oh yes... gearbox refitting :(

General Chat / amazing wip thread from france
« on: 18:20, Tue 03 March 2009 »
right, i'm not into cars like this anymore, but the work thats gone into it is amazing!! ... 378452.htm

lots of pages so dont expect to read it all in one go!

Your cars / my winter job list : UPDATED (a little)
« on: 01:00, Wed 14 January 2009 »
not been much happening on my 5 until lately, here is a little update so far..

had starting issues, off with the carb, turned out to be accelerator pump was seized, making it a mission to start from cold, and hesitant when blipping the throttle. Because my car is stored... i can't just put it straight back on... so got busy with the dremel  :P

also got my spare manifold at my mates engineering place... its going on the CNC 2mora for some 'pocketing' for a mount for my external WG  8)

next time i'm at the car, need to refit new dashtop, fit shiftlight and bulbs in the rollcage gauges... will keep updating as i go along  :D

Newbies / new boy
« on: 19:36, Thu 18 December 2008 »
new on here...

had 9 5's since i was 17 (7 years)
3 mag features with 2 of my cars

thats about it lol


Your cars / my ginger GT Turbo
« on: 18:29, Thu 18 December 2008 »
my 5

and a pic of my old car...

my current runabout

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