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General Chat / Phase 1 + Phase 2
« on: 22:50, Fri 07 November 2008 »
Hehe soon you guys will be tired of my questions  :roll:
But im interested in learning what I need to know before I buy my R5 in may. So can somebody tell me the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2?
Which is more reliable? Are either faster? Different look? That kind of thing.

Thanks  :)

General Chat / Fastest Car?
« on: 18:16, Fri 07 November 2008 »
So now im wondering which is fastest -

Renault 5 GT Turbo
Peugeot 205 GTi
Fiat Punto GT
Fiat Uno Turbo

I know most people will say R5 because this is an R5 forum, but if you where honest could you tell me which is fastest?


Newbies / Hi Peeps!
« on: 23:03, Thu 06 November 2008 »
Hey all

Planning on getting an R5. Have a 1.2 12v vauxhall corsa which I have made look smart  :)  I wanted an R5 since I saw Ali G's! My corsa has been very reliable and the thing that bugs me is that most people say all R5's are very unreliable. So im hoping il have my question answered here :)


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