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Renault 5 GT Turbo / 200sx t25 turbo
« on: 21:41, Thu 23 January 2014 »
i have read on here about using a t25 turbo from a 200sx, does anyone have pics on how to do this? thanks
also,  i am looking at running a t25 with, 2.5 inch scorpion exhaust, alloy intercooler, carb re jetted to run higher boost, is there anything else that is needed? i would rather not go for a different cam piper etc unless the 130 would make a dramatic difference, thanks

General Chat / stripping 5
« on: 12:58, Sat 18 January 2014 »
well ive just started stripping the interior of the 5, not too bad, the wiring is a little like frankensteins creation, as for rust, there is some but, not too bad. (from what i can see anyway) someone in the past has patched a small hole with roof felt!! how very strange.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / remote central locking and wiring
« on: 22:19, Wed 15 January 2014 »
hi all, i need to do something about my remote locking, the car has been delocked but i dont have the fob for the remote locking, i have read about changing the ir sensor unit with one from another 5 that has the fob, if i do that do i just have to unplug the old unit then plug in the new unit?

my other problem is the wiring around the ignition, how do i hotwire the car? only kidding, i do have ignition problems thou, is there anyone local to me (redditch) who could spare me half hour and compare my wiring to theirs?

i have bought the car as a project, and where i am capable of the mechanical  side of the project, the electrics are something that i have never got to grasp with, thanks, nat

General Chat / alarm self installation
« on: 17:43, Fri 28 November 2008 »
has anyone installed an aftermarket alarm them selves? i am looking at buying a gtt to restore was thinking that while i had everything out it may make it easier to install one myself,  i realise that by installing it my self i couldnt get a a cert to show my insurance but insurance is cheap enough anyway( im getting on a bit now lol) thanks all

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