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General Chat / Thinking of getting a GT Turbo
« on: 21:58, Mon 19 November 2012 »
Well its been a long time since i owned a gt turbo! i only had mine for a few months before i sold it due to money issues. since then i have been driving all sorts of modern cars and found they just don't give me the same kick that the old skool stuff used too.

The GT turbo is one of these childhood dream car's of mine, i would love to get one again but im worried about reliability, I don't mind spending a couple of grand on the engine if i can build something reliabl.

Im completly out of touch with these cars now, would i be stupid to consider one of these as a daily car? 20k miles a year? like i say im willing to spend money to rebuild the engine if i can make it last and be reliable, i would want around 200hp aswell.

any advice guys?

General Chat / opinions on this 5
« on: 20:56, Sun 04 January 2009 » ... 240%3A1318

how much do you think its worth im considering putting a bid on its local to me

Renault 5 GT Turbo / speedo/odometer
« on: 19:49, Fri 28 November 2008 »
isit electricle or mechicle? mines stoped working no speed and no miles going up. is there just a cable to the g/box or isit electricle?

General Chat / Renault 21 turbos
« on: 13:49, Fri 14 November 2008 »
anyone know anything about these? i have always liked the look of them theres a renault 21 turbo forum but when i try to register the image verification dosent work on firefox opera or ie! t

Renault 5 GT Turbo / how much to fit a clutch?
« on: 21:32, Sat 01 November 2008 »
i read its an engine out job how much would it cost at a garage if i suplyed the clutch>

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb tuning
« on: 18:58, Thu 30 October 2008 »
i have no idea how to do this myself, evern if i fitted bigger jets and a wideband i still have no idea how to tune it with the wide band! is there anywhere i can get this done? would a rolling road place be able to do it?

General Chat / recon turbos
« on: 12:28, Thu 30 October 2008 »
iv read the stiicky in the forsale section selling brand new ones but does anyknow know anywhere that sells recon t25s?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Just bought a gt turbo
« on: 15:58, Wed 29 October 2008 »
hi i spotted a cheap gt turbo for sale near me for 600 need a headgasket  but the body is mint! wouldent normaly touch a car with a claimed hg failer as you never know what else is wrong also but the body is seriosly mint and for 600 i thought m having that!

just got her home never owd one of theese babys but my older bro had one in the early 90s i remeber is been stonkingly quick.

few questions...

1: how much bhp can the standard bottom end take?

2: how much psi can the standard turbo boost up too?

3: how much bhp can the standard carb fuel up too?

3: so long as it is just the head gasket i need, im ordering an uprated headgasket. with an uprated head gasket and alloy intercooler how much psi can i run with standard turbo and carb and what poower isit likley to produce?

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