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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault turbo specialist in Bristol
« on: 13:39, Sun 03 March 2013 »
Hi all, not been on here in a long time due to selling my 5 but just bought a new one :)

The car has a few problems with it and I would like to take it to a specialist in or near Bristol just to get a full check done and anything wrong fixed.

Does anyone know of any? I had a quick look on google but couldn't find anything.


seen what i belive to be a c reg 5 in bideford on didnt realise what it was untill it was passing me :( then a blue wide 5 by mcdonalds in bideford saturday noon, both looked nice. anyone on here?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / after market oil pressure gauge wiring
« on: 11:45, Sat 03 April 2010 »
can i wire an after market gauge to the existing wiring? my original one doesnt move at all :| not sure if its been disconnected or just dead lol, if i can where do i find / connect it? thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fueling issues
« on: 13:23, Thu 25 March 2010 »
hi, ive got an issue with fuel going through the carb, the pumps been hard wired for some reason, took the pipe of the carb and its shooting fuel through fine but when its on the car, nothing seems to be coming out :S theres a little 90 deg bend an when i accelerate its drips some fuel through but the is bare minimal 1 small drop every 15-20 secs, any ideas on what it could be? thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / hot earth lead?
« on: 23:36, Wed 24 March 2010 »
hi, having a bit of trouble starting the car, i notice the earth lead get really got after i try to start it? this isnt normal is it? the lead is just bare metal not casing around it, thanks

seen a red 5 with a black bonnet at the lights by days road tip, and a grey one by bristol city accademy near easton, any one on here?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / spark plug gap.?
« on: 08:42, Fri 19 March 2010 »
needing to get some new plugs for my gtt, the plugs in there atm are b8dx or something like that not got one to hand, ordered some new ones for a gtt but they say 0.6mm? the maintenance sections says use 0.7mm im guessing the ones i had would of been 0.8mm? anyone know the best plugs to use? or if these are ok, thanks

hey, bought a new car the other day.. a tungy gt :D just been out playing with it and noticed the full beam dash lights on even though no lights are on or switched on. and also theres a hose caped of and not too sure what its ment to be lol. thanks in advance :)

edit: the hose with the cork in it is the hose im talking about, thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / front wheel humming at 20mph \bearing removal
« on: 22:12, Sat 23 January 2010 »
changed my right hand hub today and found out why i had play in my wheel. track rod is smashed! lol. lowered it 30mm also and now it hums from the left hand side at 20mph. could this be due to lowering it? it also is very light to steer and the steering is very short. could be due to track rod? anyone know? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / converting the r5s hubs to take nuts?
« on: 21:50, Fri 22 January 2010 »
hey, seen it done on other cars. was just wondering if anyone has done it before and if its a simple screw a bolt in and then put the wheel on and nuts :D cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / head cleaning, skimming, porting?
« on: 23:07, Wed 20 January 2010 »
hey just bought a head it looks to be in ok cond, its 72.20mm but has a little dent in the edge :( was just wondering whats the lowest you can take the head. if needs to be skimmed il have the min taken of. but when they get to low dont they start losing power?

also was wondering whats best to clean them up? and how hard to port them? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / lowering springs
« on: 18:22, Sun 17 January 2010 »
hey just fitted a set of springs to my spair shocks. and the bolts done up tight but the spring still moves :s is this ok as its not on the car so not got any pressure on it? or are they too low? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / tarmac spoiler?
« on: 10:47, Sun 17 January 2010 »
anyone had trouble with these before? just woke up and mines gone :| lol. the nuts from the spoiler are on the bolts. anyone heard of them coming of there nuts? lol i think its been nicked :|

Your cars / my 5 :)
« on: 22:29, Mon 11 January 2010 »
not posted any pics recently, heres whats she looks like now. all comments and adive welcome :) also the gtt block i bought

new bigger disks :)

new bonnet

heres what the oil gt in the block looks like :(

looks creamy. maybe the gasket was gone?

while im storing it what shall i do to the liners and pistons? oil them?
the fibreglass on bumper is where a bit of felt was on the ring road and flew infront of me :(

hey just bought some new front suspension and both bolts have been slightly grinded so the allen key wont fit in, anyone had this prob before?  should a air gun get it off with out ke or do i need to grind it more :( cheers

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