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General Chat / r5 campus from malta in your cars
« on: 09:59, Sun 02 September 2012 »
anybody know what sideskirts they are or what they are off ??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / thread size???
« on: 17:07, Wed 28 October 2009 »
does anybody know the thread size of the bolts that go to the oil cooler sandwich plate, i dont want to take mine off til i get my pipes made up as one is a real b*tch to get back in.

Spotted / Was It You? / black r5 white wheels (derbys)
« on: 17:19, Tue 25 August 2009 »
black r5 with white wheels heading towards wiaingroves derbyshire????

Media / check these out
« on: 03:00, Fri 30 January 2009 »
probably seen by most  but still p*ss funny if you havent ... re=related

gotta love the noise of the caravan  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / pistons??
« on: 08:14, Wed 01 October 2008 »
after stripping my engine down and finding 1 of the conrods pretty much fooked i ordered another from cgb with the piston stil attached only to notice the piston was different from the others of mine, after cleaning the top on 1 of my pistons it appears that the crowns on top have been milled down to a flat finish as you can see and feel a slight lip on the edge of where it should be, i was told it was probably done to lower the compression is this good or bad or are there any other reasons why this might have been done as i am about to start rebuilding the engine? i was told i could flatten the crown on the piston i just brought to match the others, is this a good idea or should start to consider replacing the other pistons? would be grateful of any info

Your cars / MY 5
« on: 15:22, Tue 30 September 2008 »
my 3rd 5 that i owned for a year before i sold early 2007

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