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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Back of F block engine
« on: 13:02, Mon 30 September 2013 »
Hi guys, Does anyone have a photo of the back of an F type engine like b18ft or f7r i can look at.

I think my oil pump has some issues but i cant tell whats going on down there.

Its got a little cap ontop, i dont know what thats for.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18ft pressure test
« on: 09:56, Mon 01 July 2013 »
Im getting 150, 90, 100, 150.

This means that its popped between cylinders 2 and 3 right?
Im also super heating the coolant, but not sure if im actually running it through the cylinders.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18ft wiring (not mine a mates this time)
« on: 22:03, Tue 25 June 2013 »
We have changed the head gasket and cant remember how the wiring was done.
The Crank Position Sensor has an extra wire, which we labelled (not connected),
The ignition plug has 3 wires, one is cut short and one is cut and was connected, but should that be the one on the CPS?

Also his indicators are on constantly, we dont know why.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Will gt brake discs fit campus
« on: 14:26, Fri 21 June 2013 »
As title, with this new engine i can really feel that the brakes arent up to it.
Do the gt turbos have the same calipers just different discs?



General Chat / Who do you use for insurance on engine swaps?
« on: 18:09, Wed 01 May 2013 »
Best i can get is 700 with adrian flux, which isnt bad i know, but im sure i can do better.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Campus b18ft prep
« on: 12:37, Fri 19 April 2013 »
So the plan is to get that volvo engine in my campus.

What will i need?
Will my campus rad be up to it?
Will i need an oil cooler?
Gearbox from either the campus or clio valver correct?
If the clio will i need to change driveshafts?
Will my campus driveshafts be up to the extra force?
Whats the issue with the oil filter again?
Front engine mount needs adapting correct?
And what do i do with the power steering pump, bin, blank off and shorten the belt?

I want it all ready so i can get it dont in a day really, or at least over a weekend :D

Cheers guys.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Lowering springs?
« on: 21:08, Mon 01 April 2013 »
Hi guys, ive got a campus that i wanna drop as low as i can really.
First question is, are the 1.7, 1.4 and 1.1 springs all the same or are they stiffer, stronger the bigger and heavier the engine?

With that in mind, could i get 1.1 springs and fit them expecting a lower drop as there is more weight on them? ... 35b48428b7
1.1 springs 40mm drop ... 4cf97742f5
1.4 springs 40mm drop ... 53ed1f6f72
1.7 springs 50mm drop.

I was considering cutting the springs, but at this price ill do it properly.

Your cars / Campus Build
« on: 20:34, Wed 20 March 2013 »
Hi guys, now on my 4th 5.
This one was an impulse buy as after 3 i still feel like ive never finished a renault 5.

Bought it blind at an absolute steal.

Totally standard, had been garaged for 7 years when i picked it up and all it needed was a jump start to get it back, drove it 80 miles. Ran like a beaut.

Body has a couple of rust spots over it but no rot (not that ive found any yet anyway)

First things first, new battery and all that air box crap needs to go

Rear wipers gone along with the washer

Checked under the rear for rust, seems very tidy, so ive coated it in waxoyl anyway

No Photo yet.

And tonight i took the spare wheel holder out (spare wheel with brand new tire) and coated the underside of the boot aswell, again no photo cus it keeps getting dark when i finish.

Front brakes seem a bit solid so new pads and discs this weekend then go for an MOT.

Once its back yellow lights, rat bonnet, chopped springs and decked rear :D

Plans for the future are leave as a sleeper, gonna get my steels banded..... oh and drop the volvo engine in :lol:


Other Renaults / b18ft clouds of smoke/vapour
« on: 20:20, Mon 10 September 2012 »
Is this a knackered turbo?
Did the same test with a tissue on the exhaust and it was clean but dripping wet

Non Renault topics / Volvo 480 ECU location
« on: 22:23, Wed 18 July 2012 »
Anyone actually know where it is, it needs its insides rewiring.

Ive found 3 ECU looking thinks, against the walls in both footwells and an ABS ECU in the engine bay.

I cant find the actual one i need.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18FT Head Gasket
« on: 23:32, Sat 30 June 2012 »
Are they the same as the rest of those engines? ... 130wt_1185 ... _675wt_952

On one of the listings it lists the engines it fits and it seems to be all of them including the turbo?

General Chat / Whats the widest wheels i can have?
« on: 22:30, Thu 28 June 2012 »
I intend on getting my steels banded, but how wide can i go. I was jst gonna go for 8.5 for the back and 7.5 at the front.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Trying to wire in remote central locking
« on: 20:54, Thu 14 June 2012 »
Hi guys. My wiring has live, neutral, indicators left and right, then 6 signal wires. 4 of which are short.

How am i tapping them into the system?

I tried on the lock button, but that didnt work.

Any ideas guys?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Tomcat Turbo oil feed?
« on: 21:47, Fri 04 May 2012 »
Ive got a nice turbo from the site, its all fitted nicely but i have no idea what to use for the oil feed.
What do you guys running them use?

Your cars / My new (old) 5
« on: 00:02, Tue 17 April 2012 »
Just come back from ace cafe and i decided its time to start my thread.
Picked this car up a while ago but have had literally no time to work on it.
Any time i did have was overshadowed by weather issues.

Dirty bonnet!

Dirty wheels! (My mum says hello)

On the drive with a proper bonnet on

Ok, so i took bots off to see how much rust was left. As it turns out it was missold to me and it rotten as a carrot.

So im gonna learn to weld, and smother it all in underseal and paint.

Ive also decided on a colour and a direction i want to go with.
I wanted a matt green so ive gone for olive drab, as you can see its come out quite shiny. So ill wait and see about that. I also want it smooth, so the bumpers are being smoothed, door locks will be gone and indicator holes gone.

More pics tomorrow. Ive begun fibreglassing the bumpers. Someone decided to cut hole all in it.


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