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General Chat / And there was silence
« on: 21:40, Mon 25 November 2013 »
Wow quietest I've ever seen it ... Is anybody there.

General Chat / market crash
« on: 16:16, Tue 27 December 2011 »
Having dipped and dived on here and the usual suspect areas on the web, what the hell has happend to all the renault 5 GT turbos and Fiesta Rs's for sale, there all gone  :? , I know of the current financal mess but, well there use to be like 30-40 5's for sale at a time on pistonheads and ebay always had a garanteed selection... whats going on ... Lol's

General Chat / 205 gti t16
« on: 17:39, Sat 06 February 2010 »
Well I was walking to our local shops when i kept hearing this turbo going up and down the street , Ignoring as i do asuming it to be a young chap with his first Ford RS . i was completely shocked to actually see a genuine 205 GTI t16 witha monsterous intercooler . complete wide bodied was Luvely and mean  :mrgreen: ,

Isn't it odd how you can spend thousands on mercs , bmws and yet the old cars just stick out like sore thumb and catch the eye more than some of these big branded cars .

Any of you guys seen any other Rare old skool cars as of Late ? .

General Chat / Instrument Face difference
« on: 19:14, Fri 05 February 2010 »
Over 5 years of owning 5gtt's one thing has always baffled me and now I'am seeking an answer

Why are some Instrument Faces different on the r5gtt ie here >

Ive owned Both a ph1 and a G & H plated ph2 and not one of them have had them fitted but my freinds H'reg tungy had them

whats the score chaps ?

General Chat / Merry Crimbo
« on: 23:09, Thu 24 December 2009 »
Thought I would open this topic as more than likely , you'll either be Drunk , Playing with your childrens toys  'wishing they was yours'  :lol:  or outside fitting something to your 5's tommorow , so to all on here have a lovely day  tommorow (today), Seasons greetings and all that. Last but not least

Merry Crimbo

General Chat / Favourite Biscuit
« on: 22:15, Thu 05 November 2009 »
Its a thursday night , And am sat checking my emails with a nice cup of Nescaffe Coffee, with some jammy dodgers ,

So come on guys whats your favourite biscuit Lol !

General Chat / Discounts
« on: 17:10, Fri 09 October 2009 »
Do we recieve Discount with bob at CGB's ??

If so , how do we go about it ?

General Chat / I knew it would happen
« on: 17:50, Wed 07 October 2009 »
Yeah am selling my Fiesta RS and Going back to the Renault 5 world ,

I blooming knew this would happend , Im just not pairing with the RS as much as i hoped for so much ! . And i have unfinished buisness with 5 life ,

i want to get a Tungy or a Red one ., Not to sure yet ,

This time though , am going to rip its internal guts out from carb top to bottom end , blah blah

Just cant decide on a colour !

General Chat / Found a little gem
« on: 16:45, Sat 05 September 2009 »

Your cars / Renault 5 and my new Car a Fiesta RS
« on: 01:25, Tue 01 September 2009 »
ok this Raider , Every Nut Bolt Seat , Seat belt , glass engine nuts n bolts have been replaced over 4-5 years and has exceeded 15 thausand poubds all work was carried out by Mark fish

Ok this Was my first Reno , Standerd bar a hybrid stage 1 , Rot around the window , Was a phase one lasted 7 months Lol.

This was my Seconed 5 , which look really nice but just died one day was blue leather interior , and finished in cossie imperial blue

And this was my Final reno 5

This is my new toy my Fiesta RS turbo + my mates brand new 09 plated bike

And Check out my mate's Cossies and me

General Chat / Warning !!
« on: 17:33, Tue 07 July 2009 »
Ok Obviously Lee and his fellow Mod's have kindly allowed us a Good / Bad deal section , which helps us very much in avoiding paying people for parts and goods not exsisting, however being a member of other forums ive started to notice a very large amount of adverts get the money and run deals.

We could spend a day listing the username and details but that means nothing as we all no how easy it is to change an email address and re-register and the scam continues. Ive noticed people in general are signing up and there first few posts are those of items for sale sometimes and a majority of the time people are sincere but I believe as a forum to protect us from any further scammers we need to decide on a plan of action, please understand this isnt directed to any indiviual as this is the case on a fair few Forums

any ideas ?

General Chat / some one whose familiar with fords
« on: 23:25, Sun 05 July 2009 »
any one?

General Chat / friends motors
« on: 00:55, Mon 15 June 2009 »
long long time i go i posted a reply that my friends '2 brothers' owned some very fast and beautiful fords the Fiesta runs at 280 bhp while the Escort sits at 200bhp

can some edit this and get the picture working as i cant, cheeRS

General Chat / lol read
« on: 20:53, Sun 14 June 2009 »
Feel free to take the pish but ive broken my big toe lol

 my friend was throwing chips at my other mate after a nite out , my mate chicken got annoyed and picked a fully loaded wheely bin up threw as far as he could at my other friend problem was it went 2ft an landed on my big toe , agonising pain 4 mile walk home lol todays its black red n blue , lol

yeh take the pish

General Chat / help from an rtoc member
« on: 19:58, Sat 06 June 2009 »
hi guys times have got extremly difficult with out a job, bills need payin etc etc, wonder if one of you would be so kind as to put my 5 up for sale in there classified  section ill provide the details if you could just copy and paste for me i will be sincerely grateful

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