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Spotted / Was It You? / 4 or 5 turbos and a campus
« on: 18:56, Sun 13 April 2014 »
as above at squires cafe shurburn leeds today any of you in here?

General Chat / Need some help people
« on: 22:48, Sat 03 November 2012 »
Ive sold my white phase 2 this morning...

watched him drive off and almost started bubbling lol....

Anyone have any ideas who,where there is a renault 5 gt turbo convertible

FOR SALE??????....

Spotted / Was It You? / black 5 i leeds
« on: 16:05, Tue 10 July 2012 »
spotted in leeds crossgates sunday was it anyone on here?

Location Wombleton YO62

details etc..

anyone intrested?...

Your cars / finally out of storage
« on: 23:27, Sun 12 February 2012 »
brought this a long while back
it has mountain of history original sale receipts hand books etc..
been off the road for 12 years..
now its going to see tarmac again this summer if we have one  :wink:  

the labour of love starts again!!...

and just to make it veryyyyy clear its standard and staying that way...

General Chat / Ebay seller
« on: 22:26, Thu 25 June 2009 »
Seller's ID:
Seller's Email:
parts shack    

is this person on here or anyone delt with him?
i brought and aerial 2weeks ago and still not ffffffffffing got it!

General Chat / 5 gt turbo via twingo on fifth gear
« on: 16:18, Fri 12 June 2009 »
Anyone got the link for iton you tube etc?..

got this last week but i have been to busy with work to post
Well after waiting 3years i had to get another one
and start doing her up :roll:
if you have any chrome modified parts for sale let me know please thank you.

General Chat / Anyone got any info on this r5gtt?
« on: 00:35, Thu 30 October 2008 »
Anyone got any info on this or use to own it?


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