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Other Renaults / R11 Turbo engine bay help needed
« on: 16:04, Tue 23 March 2010 »
Hi again mates...

After long brake I have started my project again. Now I have serious problems with hoses and wires.

Do you have detailed pictures (maybe haynes pictures too) from parts, connectors etc.

Wiring diagram would be very good to have and also I have problems to figure where to plug hoses in a carburettor that I have (and what hoses).

Here is picture from carburettor.

That carburettor is twinchoke weber that T.T.S has made in denmark, originally it was designed and made to R5 GTT, but I bought this to my car.

If I remember well someone at this forum here has one.

Other Renaults / Turbo cooling
« on: 11:16, Wed 22 July 2009 »
Where I can take (steal) cooling water for turbo or should I use oil instead? I have T25 turbo in my R11 Turbo.

Any pictures that might help?  :)

General Chat / R5 Alpine Turbo "only little bit wider"
« on: 17:43, Tue 23 June 2009 »
Friend of mine from our car club ( RTF ) made some modifications to his car...

Hood and engine bay is not ready....yet...


Other Renaults / Few problems
« on: 20:56, Sat 06 June 2009 »

After long time I am here :) I have problems with wires and hoses.

Could you give information about C1J engine wiring...please be as specific as possible...I went to refit wires and hoses to my R11 Turbo. I used tape and pencil to mark everything before I removed wires, but after couple of months I couldnt find out what is going and where :( ...

Then I should place hoses to fuel pressure regulator and which hose goes and where (I have twin choke weber in my car).

Then twin choke weber carb...I have to place all hoses there....which one goes and where?

Then LC-1 wideband questions...

I connected ground and power wires, but then there are blue and violet wires too...where I should connect those???

General Chat / Access to Vault?
« on: 20:06, Thu 29 January 2009 »
How I can get it? Bothers a little bit that I don't see what is there

 :oops:  :wink:

General Chat / Meeting?
« on: 20:47, Thu 22 January 2009 »
I am coming to UK in near future (within 2 months). I will spend couple of days Leeds actually.

Are there people who are willing to meet and give ride with R5 GTT?  :lol:  8)

Maybe couple of beers too  :)  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Small oil pressure gauges
« on: 21:18, Thu 15 January 2009 »
Is there any oil pressure gauges, for reasonable price, where are small numeric display or similar...I just don't like those big (52mm) gauges, because it is pretty hard to hide into dash...I want that gauge to be as unvisible as possible...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil Cooler sandwhich plate thread size
« on: 08:25, Fri 09 January 2009 »
What is of size thread in C1J engine? I am trying to fit sandwhich plate.

General Chat / What is this?
« on: 18:53, Tue 06 January 2009 » ... 240%3A1318

I am not good in french, but maybe you guys know what this is exhaust, but is it complete or not? Used or new?

That might be perfect to my R11 Turbo, even it is only 2".

General Chat / Japanese people are crazy!
« on: 18:38, Mon 05 January 2009 »

I don't say more....  :shock:  :D

General Chat / New webpages open now ( Finnish Renault club)
« on: 16:31, Thu 01 January 2009 »
All are welcome...

English is available as optional language too....

Welcome to chat with us too :)

General Chat / Name proposals wanted?
« on: 19:42, Tue 16 December 2008 »
We are going to change our car club's name in Finland...

Now it is RTF = Renault Tuning Finland... we want to keep "RTF", but words can be changed...any ideas?

Turbo is not good word in there, because there are only very few cars with turbo.

General Chat / Looking for pig to car?
« on: 20:14, Mon 08 December 2008 »
One guy in Finland is selling these... it costs only 60 + shipping costs (only box)...

I will translate texts:

Now here is elite individual sow for sale! It needs new master or mistress. It don't eat much, it is clean and won't shit or pee to corners.  
Specs of Pig  
Asshole size 12"  
Stomach about 30 litres
Height from hoof to ears 50cm  
Lenght 47cm  
Diameter 38cm  
Price 60  
Discount because of christmas!!!!!

Other Renaults / Where I can buy car door seals?
« on: 15:12, Mon 08 December 2008 »
It seems that there are very few available in eBay... I am looking for seals to Renault 11 Turbo (3d model).

Other Renaults / Where to find alloy wheel bolts in different colours?
« on: 11:58, Wed 26 November 2008 »
Is there anyone who knows place where I can buy? I found chromed, black and golden lock bolts, but not blue, red, green...

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