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Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil breather
« on: 17:43, Fri 29 August 2008 »
whats the best way to check the  oil bretaher pipes for bloackages etc, and what pipes am i best to check?

Dont think they have been off in its life! so thought id check them out.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / valve clearance adjustment
« on: 19:42, Fri 22 August 2008 »
im going to try and do this tomorrow got a new rocker gasket too so i can replace at same time.

Got a few question before i start. do i turn the engine over to get number 8 valve open, this is going from 1-8 from flywheel.

2. Is the number 8 valve the one nearest to drivers side?

3. When valve 8 is open do i then go to valve 1 and check gap? will this be exhaust 0.25.

4. when ive done that is it a case of valve 2 inlet 0.20, valve 3 exhaust 0.25, valve 4 inlet etc etc

hope this makes since any info would be great

Renault 5 GT Turbo / engine issue your help needed
« on: 17:18, Wed 20 August 2008 »
ok where do i start...

ive started to notice smoke coming out of the exhaust on the past couple of days.

When i start it up from cold its a white with a hint of blue (mainly white) smoke coming outits difinatly not condensation. when you slighty touch the accelerator peddle it puffs out the smoke then stops. its also spitting what i think is water out of the exhaust doesnt smell of oil or petrol.

When the engine as warmed up it doesnt smoke on idle but when you have left it to idle then go to pull away it puffs this smoke out agian.

When you going along i dont think its smooking cant see any anyway.

It doesnt seem to be using any water or oil.

Now ive recently put some wynns treatment in it to try and quiet it down a little, tappets need doing eventaully. This was quite watery could this have made the oil to thin?

I took off the boost pipes to intercooler and there was no oil substance in there they were totaly dry and clean. I took of the airfilter pipe and had a look at the turbo shaft again there was no play in this.

I then did a compression test and got these results (going from flywheel end across) 140ps1 135 psi 135psi 120psi.

Now from this information can anyone give me any advice on what the probelm is?

many thanks and sorry for the essay


Renault 5 GT Turbo / noisey tappets
« on: 22:43, Fri 15 August 2008 »
When i started it up it was very tappety this normally goes after a few seconds but this time its still tapping and ive drove it for about a hour.

Would a oil and filter change sort this out? (its recenlty had a oil change :?  )

do the tappets need correcting? if so how big a job is this and whats involved?

many thanks

Your cars / My GT Turbo
« on: 17:49, Mon 28 July 2008 »
Bought my car about 3 weeks ago, it looked like this when i first got it.

I gave it a quick wash & polish when we got it home,

Then i went and took some better pics.

i've made some small changes to it since i got it,
changed the tinted rear lights to standard ones,
changed the tinted front indicators to clear ones (to match side repeaters)
changed the 16" alloys for a set of standard refurbished alloys with new tyres.

pics of the new wheels fitted to the car.

The cars booked in the bodyshop to have the rust removed and its also having a full respray to
get rid of the scatches and to make it look mint.

I will keep you updated with some progress pics,

Any comments welcome.

Newbies / Hello Everyone
« on: 17:05, Mon 28 July 2008 »
Thought id introduce myself, i'm Shane 22 and bought my renault 5 at the begining of the month.
Ive done a few little changes to it so far, I'll put some pics up in the your cars section later on.


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