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Events/Shows/Cruises / 28th July 2012 Renault Turbo UK Festival
« on: 17:07, Tue 03 July 2012 »
I am pleased to reveal the details of 2012 Renault Turbo UK Festival. 2012 celebrates both the 10th RTOC National Day and 40 Years of the Renault 5 so we are pushing for this to be the best event the RTOC has put on yet!!  

The event is going to be at Blyton Park on Saturday 28th July 2012. You can learn more about the facilities at Blyton by clicking the link below:

Here follows what we have planned already (We are still looking to add more to this list the closer we get to the event):

Friday 27th July 2012

Afternoon Entry

    Gates open to the Blyton Park complex in the afternoon to allow the early arrivals to set up camp (Opening Time TBC)


    Access to "Grain Store" (see below for more details) to drink a few beers & shelter if the weather is bad  (We all know the UK weather situation!)

On-Site Camping

Saturday 28th July 2012

Open Pitlane Trackday

    We will be running the full Blyton Park circuit

Proposed times as follows:

    7:30am Sign On Starts
    8:30am Drivers Briefing Begins
    9:00am Drivers Briefing Ends & First Sighting Laps begin
    10:00am (Or when all Sighting Laps finished) Morning Session Begins
    12:30pm Track Closed for 1 Hour Lunch Break
    1:30pm Track re-opened for Afternoon Session Begins
    5:00pm Trackday Closed
    Numbers on track will be regulated by Blyton Marshal's

Rolling Road

    We have invited M-Tech Automotive to attend our day and bring their Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road suitable for doing power runs up to 1800bhp! Dyno Dynamics rolling roads give results which are within 2% of an engine dyno figure. Simple drive on, drive off set-up. Don't have to remove wheels etc!

    You will be able to book your power runs on the day.

Show & Shine Compeition
    Prizes will be awarded to the lucky owners who win the show & shine based on the following categories:
    Best Original Car
    Most Ingeneous Modification
    Best Bodywork & Paint
    Best Interior
    Best Modified Engine Bay
    BEST IN SHOW (Overall Winner from above 5 Categories)

The Grain Store Groove!  

    INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF YOUR ENTRY TICKET, we are putting on a FULL 90's DISCO on the Saturday Night to bring everyone together & promote the club spirit!
    The disco will be held in the Grain Store to ensure that the weather can't spoil our night!!
    You will all be able to bring your own booze into the event. (We are not putting on a bar).

On-Site Camping

    After the fun of the Disco on Saturday night, you will be able to crawl back to your Tent and get some sleep!


    I'm sure you will agree that we have made an effort to put more attractions on this year but we have also tried to give our members the best price for this event as possible!!

    ENTRY - Adult 10.00 Per Person. Under 16's Free.
    Entry ticket also includes the "Grain Store Groove"
    CAMPING - 5.00 Per Pitch
    ROLLING ROAD 30.00
    RTOC MEMBER Standard Price > 70.00
    PASSENGERS 2.00 each (Payable on Day)

Please add to this thread if you want tickets? Hurry they are selling out!!

Spotted a nice G Reg Tungy on 29th Dec in Peterborough.

Was in my Black Mondeo of Love & gave the drive a thumbs up but I think he thought I was stalking/takin the pi$$  :lol:

Car looked nice with some racing seats

Spotted / Was It You? / White Phase 2 Dunstable/Luton 11th Nov
« on: 20:31, Wed 11 November 2009 »
Saw a lad driving a White Phase 2 GTT just near the Luton Town Town Football Club today.

I was in my Company Mondeo Barge & gave you a flash of the lights & a thumbs up!  :)

Quite un-surprisingly you looked at me & wondered WHO THE F*** IS THAT?!  :lol:

Your cars / My Raider
« on: 17:35, Sat 10 January 2009 »
Thought it was about time I put a post up detailing a bit about my Raider.

Purchased it in 2003 from a Family who had owned it since new. When I got it It had a few a few knock & scrapes. The rear nearside arch was knackered and the front offside wing had a big dent in it:

So first thing i did was get a Raider arch off & wing off a guy who was breaking one & put them on the car. This then after i had given it a bloody good clean:

You can see that the front bumper is cracked together with the foglights and their's rust bubbles all over the shop!! The wheels were knackered also.

That was fine for me when i bought it & it stayed like that for a few years, then in Summer 2006 I bit the bullet & started to do the work.

I Pulled the engine out first thing:

Then stripped the shell ready for the bodyshop to do their magic (You can see in the second photo all the new bits stuffed into the car for the bodyshop):

While the engine was out i stripped it down to a bare block:

Then at that point started to make it look pretty again by painting the block then re-assembling, cleanin, powdercoating re-plating everything in the engine bay or replacing it if it looked a bit manky:

Finished result:

Whilst I was doing all that the bodyshop were getting busy with their bits:

Untill the day finally arrived when i could pick it up!!  :D  :D  :D

Then the re-assembly of everything back into the car started:

Then i guess it was finished!!

Althought i've still got a few things planned you will understand!!  :wink:  :wink:

Newbies / Big Steve Raider from RTOC
« on: 15:20, Fri 13 June 2008 »

You've probably heard of me if your a member of RTOC, if not allow me to introduce myself as Big Steve (with a) Raider! :D

I've been a member of the RTOC for a number of years now and own a 5 Raider together with a Clio 16v with a VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo Engine (Out of a TT or S3).

Here's a link to a few pictures of my cars: ... =669177592

I usually go to almost all of the Renault Events such as French Car Show, Renault World Series, RTOC National Day etc so Chances are you'll see me there.

I'm not the all knowing one on 5GTT's but having stripped & re-build mine i know a few things about it so will certainly help you where possible!

Steve ;)

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