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Your cars / reepers ride
« on: 19:36, Thu 25 November 2010 »

matts 5gt jus thought id show me reggie,not the best 5 ive seen but still i love him n if i had more cash he wud get the full wrks on him......maybe after xmas ill treat him.... side skirts need to be put bk on as jus trated the floor ready for winter.. ie salt build plans for him now are bit of wrk on the body,new rims,t2/t25fmic,n to get it lowered, smoked windows not limo as youll always get pulled were i live... well all that will have to b after xmas....the MRS wont be happy if i spend more on him this

Renault 5 GT Turbo / which wires go to which
« on: 14:45, Mon 08 November 2010 »
hi jus wondering on the relay thats near thae radiator which wires what come from the relay belong to which. ie had a mechanik on it but hes wired up the rad but not the low temp thermostat. so basically which wires what come from the relay go to the low temp fan switch.... cause im certain this wiring aint how it was b4.. not even no wires go to the fan switch...any ideas lads to which wire goes where...thankyou 4 your time matt

Renault 5 GT Turbo / needs another pic
« on: 09:24, Wed 03 November 2010 »
hi there well im in need of another pic of where the throttle return spring goes, i did receive one but lookin bk i my car i need a pic of both ends the spring attatches to, looked at it but still puzzled wen i got back to my car... i dont know as to where each end of the spring goes...plz boys can anyone give me a super pic show where both ends of the spring goes...thank you............... i really dint think id get stuck on summat like this

Renault 5 GT Turbo / throttle return spring
« on: 16:37, Tue 26 October 2010 »
rite the new engine and box is in the 5 now. fluids in all dun except i forgot how the throttle return spring goes on the back of the carb. jus wondering if anyone can do me a favour n put a pic on of how the spring luks from there r5..thanx guys.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / can anyone help me plzzzzz
« on: 10:42, Wed 15 September 2010 »
hi there all r5 lovers... rite were do i start? ive had no end of problems with my engine ie parts goin one after the other turbo,oil pump,radiotor,starter motor n bits n bobs... well his time i beleive ive gt a knakered engine now as soon as the oil gets to temp afer 5mins say it wud jus die out ad not start again 4 say a day.. the engine has lost all compression :(  the car ha ate all my funds ven money for the kids to go sumwere in the holidays which the children wernt quie pleased about.  well i have nowsaved up n got hold of another engine which has done 100 miles on the re-build apparenty, well i was wondering if anyone would take the old 1 out n put the new one in as ive neer done an engine swap b4.                                                                                                                                i can take most things from the old ngine out ie rad,i.cooler,pipes n hoses things like that.  i can pay for the help but it woud be hard for me to get any more than 150pounds as i just dont have that much. i would takeyou under my hospitality ie dinners,drinks,maybe a beer... what ever you need really.. sunds stupid to write this but hey u won gt no were without trying... so plzzzzzzzzzz can sumone help a man in need of wanting to go out wth the family in the familys beloved reginald... thank you for your time. matt :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / stok carb
« on: 18:58, Mon 02 August 2010 »
us a quick one really.... is 16psi safe on a stock carb...maybe push for 17... currently fitted is a turbo technics stage one but i dont no the limits to what psi that can reach too.. say that the turbo was good for 17psi i would a stock carb be good for that too.....thanx peeps

Renault 5 GT Turbo / mbc
« on: 17:43, Wed 28 July 2010 »
hi there i have a mechanical boost control ready to fit to the 5 but as ive gt no instructions with it i was woundering how i fit it... to which pipes on the car do i fit it to and there two pipes which come of the actuator but which one of those does it go to.... anyone have any pics or info plz..thanx. oh its not a bleed valve either...i gt no piping with it either which i thought i might off. just got the mbc on its own

Renault 5 GT Turbo / jus a quik 1
« on: 19:28, Mon 19 July 2010 »
hi peeps were the ashtray goes theres the blak plug what goes in the lighter bit..... but i have a blue seperate wire what looks like it shud be earth;d or summat that has a lil blak plug on.. does any1 know where this wire should go..thank you

Renault 5 GT Turbo / flush boot problem
« on: 13:12, Sat 05 June 2010 »
hi there rite ive put on the 5 a flush boot. it has no lock on the boot eveything gone even the badge n plastik bit. the problem is how do i lok it as theres no lok its all flush. tryd a motor n it jus hits te plastik panel on the inside. any help with how i can lok it. its tied down at min frm the inside to the rear strut brace. thank you 4 your time. i wanted it to open n close from my remote c.l or sumthing :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / were do these bolts go. help needed plz
« on: 12:44, Tue 02 February 2010 »
hi everyone, rite i have a bag full of nuts,bolts sum little silver things n sum round silver things lol,  what it is there from the seat belts front n bk n im puzzled to which nuts washers n bolts belong to which seat belts. i have diff sizes in bolts they vary n im struggling to put the belts bk in with the correct peices. any help will be great. also the belts do go in b4 the plastics or does it depend. sorry if im confusing you as im confused my self n all i want to do is get it all in to go for a long awaited drive with the kids. all i get frm them is dad can we go fast boostin soon plz lol. wereall 5 lovers n ant to hit the road ery soon. thanx. :?  i know should of labelled them wat a txxt i am.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / interior n plastics
« on: 14:16, Fri 29 January 2010 »
bit of a stupid n easy 1 for you. rite all interior and plastics are out of the 5 par the dash. now as the floor has been welded now i can put it all bak together now but were shud i start first to puttin it all bak together. ie start from front or bak, seat belts first or plastics, carpet first or last. silly one i know but now xmas has gone n only 1 birthday cumin up its time i gt on with the 5. any anwsers will b gr8. thanks... dam i eager to get out there in my 5 n go cruisin lol.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / hold the boost
« on: 15:36, Fri 09 October 2009 »
oh forgot im runnin 10psi at min n i want to turn it up to 14 so how do i get it to hold its boost at 14. my luk ill be moving against my m8s 106 gti luk at boost and its gone past 14.... pop :(  t2 is fitted and want the most from it. without blowin it.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / tdc q
« on: 15:31, Fri 09 October 2009 »
hi there jus a quik 1. dont know if its true but my m8 said the wires from the tdc red/white that if you was to sum how put it on oppisit ie where the red 1 went the white one would now go there that it can give you a bit more brake. ummm its had me thinkin but no i wouldnt do it on mine. is it true or is e jus chattin s**t lol. what simple things can you do thow to gain a bit more poke. thank you :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / *Naughty boy* tell ya
« on: 11:37, Fri 07 August 2009 »
tryed to turn car over jus klicking ie like starter motors packed up,put a new 1 on and straight away it done the same as the 1 b4 so surely it cant be the s.motor then with them both doin it. just had new aei unit,tdc sensor,leads and plugs. what u rekon it could be then guys. :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bloody 5
« on: 13:23, Mon 22 June 2009 »
hi ther well first no spark,so new tdc sensor n new aei. got the spark back and now when i turn it over it just pops dead loud out of the exhaust like a shotgun noise not a pretty sound. it dont start still but does that wen tryna start it. could it be timing? bent valves or summat. whats doin this.ummmmmmmm f nose lol. cheers :?

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