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General Chat / CCTV
« on: 07:59, Sun 13 January 2013 »
alright guys any one on here got any experience with cctv or what are good cameras and which are bad? had a few car bits pinched friday night, second time in less than a year that stuf gone, its doing my tits in now, just woundering if any one could shed some light as i know bugger all

thanks  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cool louvres
« on: 13:47, Mon 07 January 2013 »
alright guys, its been a while since ive been on here, but im looking to get a bonnet louvered, not sure how to ask it with out sounding like a noob again, but wheres the best place to get them, is there a science to placing them?

ive moved my air filter behind my light so im guessing a few 'air ins' on the bonnet by there? but ive seen some bonnet with the literally placed every where, are these for show... like above the alternator?? im also guessing u want a few air outs above the manifold / carb? or do u want cold air blowing on ur carb ??

any one got any pictures would be appreciated / or if any one just happens to be selling a half decent bonnet could asl be just as cool ??

thanks for the time  8)

General Chat / Long Lost Indicators
« on: 17:30, Sat 30 June 2012 »
i ordered a set of those crystal clear indicators about a month before Xmas, and the stihll haven't arrived, have only just kinda remembered about them tho, people did say that they took a while to be delivered, but 7 months?? bit much maybe  :?

Media / mercy mission the rescue of flight 771
« on: 15:18, Thu 19 January 2012 »

Media / is the dude kicing a regy ??
« on: 12:22, Sun 15 January 2012 »
as above.. i couldent quite work it out.. boot looks a little steep ... ure=relmfu

General Chat / Carb top Questions
« on: 17:13, Sat 14 January 2012 »
alright guys the carb top ive got looks like its been hand made out of a dull putty :( and im looking to get some nice new shiny boost pipes put in (no samco), i will also need to chop my carb top up so i can have it cum off at an angle and down towards the drivers side light, im after just the bottom triangular bit of the carb with the 3 fixing holes in (as the picture badly shows) cos i dont really want to by a brand new top/ pricy 2nd hand one to chuck most of it away, so just wondering if there's any where that might supplie it ? or dose any one happen to have one just lying around ?? nice one guys.

General Chat / just had my phone bill
« on: 15:41, Thu 05 January 2012 »
alright guys, a bit of a depressing start to the month, worse than going back to work, i went over to south Africa for 2 weeks and managed to get my self  grand in debt with orange, god dam data roaming charges, who knew  :twisted:

im just about bout to move into my first house (some time in the next month) and was hoping to get my raider on the road before,

every things all fekd now, just wondering if any of u cleaver cats out there could help me maybe avoid paying this so i can get my raider road worthy this month

all comments welcome  :cry:

General Chat / Anti Freez
« on: 10:54, Wed 07 December 2011 »
alright guys, its a bit naughty i know nut i filled my 5 up with straight water the other day, just to turn it over but now i know it dosent leak and runs, i obviously need to put a bit of antifreez in, in my old mans garage i have red and blue from halfruds and i was just woundering which one i should put in, they both say suitable for cars before 1996

and also how much do i have to put in?? like whats the mixx??

thanks for the time  :D

Media / 3d with no glasses
« on: 22:07, Wed 26 October 2011 »

General Chat / Rugby... Butt
« on: 08:37, Sat 15 October 2011 »
alright guys just a quick question (and i can understand most of u guys aint welsh) but any of u watching the rugby today ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fule pump loom wires
« on: 18:44, Thu 13 October 2011 »
yo guys this is the last niggely thing i have to do before i can turn the key and start my raider,

looking into getting a new loom, although on a string budget atm, so if it could be fixd it would help a little (inless the looms are a fiver)

 the problem is i thought there would only be 2 wires say orange brown just to fuel pump, but instead there are like 3 orange and maybe 2 green and a brown or summing, im not sure where the wieres should be going and if one orange wire dose go to the fuel pump how do i no if the orange that i might be holding is the right one??

thanks for the time guys  :D

Non Renault topics / Any Builders On Here
« on: 13:40, Fri 07 October 2011 »
alright guys this post kinda has nothing to with cars, but ive almost brought a new house, and was wondering 2 things,

1st being has any one built a pit in a garage before

2nd being do u need planning permission to build under ground??

nice one

General Chat / Caliper Bleed Nipple
« on: 12:14, Fri 07 October 2011 »
alright guys, ive been redoing my breadlines and so on, and discovered the rear drivers side bleed nipple has been snapped off, i was told that u couldn't replace them, because it screws up the inside of the caliper.. but i have just found some replacement nipples, ... 5d2c94fb28

so whats the point in having replacement nipples if the calipers shagged once the nipples broke.. or have i been told wrong?? i haven't relay got the money at the moment to be replacing the whole caliper atm

thanks  :D

General Chat / quick question for saturday morning
« on: 10:30, Sat 01 October 2011 »
alright guys ive left my copper break lines in a mates garage, so cant get the lengths, or sizes of the ends to go on the lengths, the shop down the road that dose the new lines shuts at about half 12, can any one tell me what lengths i need and fitting to go on the ends o my weekends not wasted  :D

thanks for the time

General Chat / Aerial
« on: 22:10, Mon 26 September 2011 »
alright guys, the aerial on regy was all cracked and leaking, and the rubbber seal underneath was all tore and perished, obviously looking to get a new one, are they all one fit or will it have to be a renault thing i have seen some short stubby ones instead of the 1.5m one thats on there all ready but not sure how to go about getting em ??


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