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General Chat / A good machine cleaner
« on: 08:16, Sat 18 February 2012 »
As per title will be takeing the engine out the 5 soon and just wondering what a good machine cleaner would be. I have the autoglym one but just wondering if there is a better one than that.

Your cars / It begins again
« on: 21:20, Sun 05 February 2012 »
Welcome to my project thread of Nicole aka C16 GTT this is my 3rd 5 and my last.
picked her up yesterday from scotland which is 430 miles and 7hrs witch took me till 8.00 this morning to get home because of the snow. i had to stay in a travel lodge on the m40 till this morning cause id being in the car for 11 hours forgot to mention i did the drive with only the passenger wiper working.
she is a tidy 5 with tlc needed to the body work but the engine is sound and goes well. My plan for her is to tidy the body up and go for the infamous 200 bhp figure so will need a full T25 with the spec of the car.
here's the spec

c1j 1.4 turbo from a phase 1
wossner forged pistons
knife edge crank
Stage 4 head (what ever that is)
piper 285 with vernier
t2/t25 ktr 180
Bms 1 piece downpipe with bung
Gas flowed alloy carb top
Omex rev limiter set 6.5k
Ktr sidey
full red silicone hoses
13 row oil cooler
Ramair air filter
Gttunging double cap intercooler
Alloy radiator
Pacet over sized fan

Valeo green box
L&b fly wheel
Gttuning short throw gear stick
Spax fully adjustable coilovers
Front and rear strut braces
R21t big brake conversion
Carbon lorraine pads
Willwood braided hoses front and back
Powder coated gloss black willy wheels
Prada spec 2 tyres

Carbon firber bonnet
standard indercators
cobra monaco s bucket seats
10 point safty device roll cage
Plumbed in fire extinguiser
Kill switch
Raider carpet

Here's a few pics of here

so as said let the fun being and the start of a long relationship.
thanks for looking

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Leak down test
« on: 19:00, Thu 02 April 2009 »
A mate needs to do a leak down test, whats the best/easiest way to do this ?

Basically he's bought a new turbo (big one) & it leaks slightly from the rear. Spoke to the turbo company & they say it could be the pressure in the sump not allowing the oil to return to the sump fast enough (gravity fed apparently, didn't know that, or due to lack of back pressure) He has suggested a leak down test 1st rather than ripping the turbo off & sending it back (although they have offered to pick it up & return it FOC if there is no prob with breathers/sump pressurising, or it can just be sent back & checked)
I think i've explained it correctly, lol, does this sound plausable ??
BTW, I have no reason to think the guy has been ripped off with a dodgy turbo as alot of other people have bought turbo's from this company with no problems inc. myself.

Wrote buy steve about my car. Help please :?:

Your cars / My old tungy
« on: 20:00, Thu 12 March 2009 »
My first Five just thought id put up a couple of pics just to show you lot what im missing loads. She was total standard apart from r11 clocks, raider interior slamed 50mm and a green cotton air filter.

Miss her loads   :cry:

Found this on another site im thinking of taking my car to honda

Your cars / MY CAR
« on: 23:52, Tue 07 October 2008 »
My Car :D

Engine Specification,

Fettled carb,
Ported & polished head with manifolds matched,
Mellior Blue Seal H/G & 12.9 Head bolts,
BBPT Low comp pistons,
BBPT Standard Liners,
BBPT L & B bottom end,
BBPT Lightened flywheel,
BBPT Uprated Clutch (Valeo),
Piper 270 cam & springs,
Turbo Technics Stage 2 Hyrbid,
Bleed Valve set to 20psi
Large FMIC,
Green Air Filter,
BBPT 2 1/4" Downpipe,
Mongoose 2 1/4" exhaust system,
NGK B8EVX sparkies,
Bougicord Leads,
Cup breather setup,
Cup boost setup,

Events/Shows/Cruises / southend
« on: 13:33, Thu 02 October 2008 »
Me and a couple of people are going to southend on saturday just wondering if anyone would be up for a gathering would be good to see some other 5's

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