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Your cars / Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 23:21, Fri 23 September 2011 »
Has any1 seen anything of my old 5's?

The tungy's reg was H7 GTT

The white 1's reg was G263 XNE

General Chat / 3000 Budget
« on: 15:49, Wed 27 April 2011 »
Well i havent been on here for a while as i sold my 5 & bought a pulsar gtiR. Thing is i just cant get the 5 bug out of my system so thinking of selling the pulsar & returning to 5 ownership  :roll:  anyway as we all know the annoying thing with 5s is the headgasket probs.
so my plan is to buy a 5 for around 500 that is a tidy 1 but has a knackerd engine or somthing. as i want to build the engine myself (low comp & forged) as im sick to the back teath of blowing headgaskets even after having fueling set up. ive owned 3 reni 5s now n& done the h/g's on 2 of them. so here is my plan to provent h/g failier.

low comp forged pistons.
forged rods.
steel liners.
group a h/g & high tensile head bolts.
head work.
285 cam & pully.
copper core rad.
in car fan swith.
fueling set for 20 psi

most of it if i can find it will be second hand as we all know none of us want to pay k-tec's prices for new parts.
ill spend 500 on a good clean car with a blown engine as ill obviusly be rebuilding it. so that leaves me 2500 for build!
what do you guys think? & will it be more reliable on the h/g side? will i do it??  :?

Your cars / well the 5s gone :( Pulsar has come :)
« on: 01:35, Thu 01 July 2010 »
rite where do i start? well on the way home from modified nationals car show in the 5 my temp shot strait up  :shock:  so first thing was oil cap off & guess what... yep youve guessed it.  :x  :(  anyway the recovery guy offerd me 1650 there & then so i snapped his hand off... i do miss it tho :(  so time for more power i thought so here the 5 & below is the new weapon...  :D

mods are:
1 bar boost
ap 4paddle clutch
3" mongoose exhaust
lots more im unsure off?

General Chat / Sold the 5 agen!!!
« on: 14:33, Tue 01 June 2010 »
well on the way home from modified nationals car show on sunday the headgasket decided on the 5 for the 2nd time... just had fualin set up & was running 17psi so dont know why it went?? anyway the recovery guy said he'd take it off my hands for 1650... so i snapped his hand off seen as i only bought the car for 1750  :twisted: lol... anyway i sold it coz i couldnt be botherd replacing the H/G & risk it going agen 200 miles down the road. had enough of replacing H/G's now :roll:

anyway just after a bit of advise off you guys as to what to get next?? i would realy like a SAPPHIRE COSSIE but cant realy afford 1 yet  :?  so ive got my mind set on either an EVO 3 or a PULSAR GTI R??? wot wud u guys go for out of those 2??  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / crunching in to reverse??
« on: 16:15, Fri 14 May 2010 »
hey peeps my 5 has all of a sudden started to crunch in to reverse?? all other gears are ok?? cud it be a case of the linkage needing adjusting?  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wideband readings??
« on: 12:48, Tue 27 April 2010 »
heyy peeps im going getting my fualing set up on the 5 by  rolling road company but he has a wideband & he said he would set it up with that. the car has a vnt turbo, valeo uprated clutch, and has the second stage drilled out on the carb. but its not fualing rite at the min. just wonderd wot wideband figures or readings i need to run 17 psi??
gaz  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Hesitation???
« on: 01:24, Mon 19 April 2010 »
hey lads. ive just rebuilt the engine on my 5 so im in the prosess of doing the painfull 500 miles under 3000 rpm at the moment... :roll: anyway wen im cruising or get to 2000 rpm the car has slight hesitation or a slight hold back?? any ideas on what this could be?? i can only think its over fualing?? as its had new plugs, leads, dizzy & rotor arm. so im abit baffled & its getting quite annoing seen as tho im having to be gentle driving it.  :roll:  :?
gaz  :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / white smoke after h/g change??
« on: 22:56, Thu 08 April 2010 »
just changed h/g, rings, & liners, on the 5 & its still pooring white smoke out of exhaust?? + number 1 & 4 spark plug arnt cabond up like 2 & 3 are?? i carnt understand it as ive done eveything correctly. seated liners with a strait edge, new liner seals, head was skimmed & was 73.27mm so it was within tollerance. have torqued head down to 80nm... so im baffled?? any ideas any1??

gaz  :evil:

Media / WTF 900 bhp cossie. (MUST SEE)
« on: 18:08, Mon 05 April 2010 »
you need to watch this all the way threw. :shock:  :shock:  :shock:


General Chat / Oil cooler sandwich plate
« on: 15:05, Thu 11 March 2010 »
hey peeps im after ordering an oil cooler from cgb motorsport but he sells 2 types of sandwich plate. 1 is with a thermostat to keep oil temps from over cooling and the other is without a thermostat... which 1 do i go for?? im just after some advise because im not sure weather its nessersery to have the thermostat 1??
gaz  :D

General Chat / MLS headgasket WRC spec???
« on: 19:34, Thu 18 February 2010 »
Found these headgaskets on ebay does anyone recomend them or stick with a grp A???

item number on ebay is... 380201428021
gaz  :D

General Chat / BBPT website???
« on: 00:46, Tue 09 February 2010 »
has anyone tryed logging on to bb performance tuning recently? coz when i try to log on it just shows a white page & nothing happens??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / sound deadning??
« on: 00:52, Fri 05 February 2010 »
hey ive heard of a few people taking the sound deadning out from behind the dash. what difference does this make?? is it just so you can hear engine sound more eg turbo spool??
gaz  :)

General Chat / your cars???
« on: 23:46, Tue 02 February 2010 »
hey lads ive put my new 5 on the your cars section. but its not layed out right & there should be 5 pics not 3?? the thread is called (Another New 5) can anyone help please?

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