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General Chat / Forge FMIC !!!!!!!!!! and which turbo!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 13:37, Thu 10 July 2008 »
I currently have a pace double capacity intercooler and iam thinking of getting a forge FMIC will this make much difference to the car ?????

Also thinking of getting a bigger turbo can anyone recommend which ones are good??? i only use the car on weekends and not as a daily driver

if i do these 2 things to my car is it going to make a big difference to the car

General Chat / bloody weather
« on: 09:49, Wed 09 July 2008 »
this weather is crap cant work as work outside and cant go for a decent drive :(

General Chat / shall we all meet up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 14:48, Mon 30 June 2008 »
Does anyone of here fancy meeting up sometime ?????? we could arrange a day somewhere where we all meet up so we can have a good chin wag and a nosy at each others cars and meet people in person

Events/Shows/Cruises / oxford cruise end of month
« on: 09:28, Wed 18 June 2008 »
is anyone going to the oxford cruise at the end of this month ???? i will be going in the 5 to have a nosy

General Chat / black carpet
« on: 17:44, Tue 17 June 2008 »
does anyone no where i can get a new black carpet from for my 5 turbo, a friend was cuting one for me but its not gone to plan so iam going to try and get a new one now if anyone knows where i can get one from??????????? ive tried cgb for a 2nd hand one but no luck there and even tried ebay

dont laugh lads but how do you remove the front indicator in bumper as got a bulb blown,ive tried pulling it out and it does come out but its like a spring is pulling it back in and i dont want to pull it harder incase i break it

you cant help but love these cars

Renault 5 GT Turbo / advice needed
« on: 20:16, Wed 28 May 2008 »
ive just bought a 5 turbo 10 weeks back and iam loving it to bits and its running lovely like a dream no problems at all, ive been reading up on these cars and different turbos and ive been told mine has a turbo technics stage 1 turbo fitted but after reading up on these it tells me it can take up to 13psi on boost and mine is running at 14 psi, engine spec below do you think i should turn it down or leave it as its running sweet. i no its running at 14 as ive got a boost gauge.

The engine consists of-brand new standard pistons and liners,lightened and balanced crank and flywheel,crank has been machined to 0.25mm,big end and little end,brand new oil pump,BB Tuning gaskets kit,uprated head gasket and bolts,stage 3 ported and gas flowed head,270 degree cam from BB Tuning,plus uprated valve springs and seals,250 bhp BB clutch,all new bearings and shells,brand new water pump,turbo technics stage 1 hybrid turbo,done 4000 miles,pace double capacity intercooler,currently running 14psi,approximately 165 plus bhp with loads of torque, ( so ive beem told but not that sure), full stainless steel exhaust,scorpian 4 inch back box and the rest magnex,gt tuning 4 point stainless steel strutt brace,full samco hoses,bailey dump valve.

General Chat / carbon fibre bonnet
« on: 17:54, Mon 26 May 2008 »
has anyone seen a 5 turbo with a carbon fibre bonnet on ???? iam so tempted to get one from k tec but not sure if it will look right on my car as car is blue but i do like the look of them so much what do you think lads ????????????

just had my new samco hoses fitted and its had a full service today and its running like a dream and hoses have made the engine bay look nice few pics attached, just got to replace red hoses with blue samco now,will be done within a week!!!!

General Chat / anyone in the oxford area!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 19:16, Fri 23 May 2008 »
is there anyone on here in the oxford area ????????

Your cars / my new interior
« on: 19:37, Sat 17 May 2008 »
ive just fitted my new interior what do you think lads,all i need now is a blue carpet or a black one, does anyone no where i can get a new carpet from as the red carpet doesent look good now

Your cars / My first 5 turbo
« on: 14:06, Sat 17 May 2008 »
my first 5 turbo, just spent a fortune on full samco hoses in blue and a small fortune on a new interior cobra reclining bucket seats,you cant help but get carried away and spending oney on these lovely toys

Newbies / howdy there 5 owners
« on: 18:23, Fri 16 May 2008 »
Hi there everyone iam new to the forum and ive just bought my first 5 turbo so i will be picking peoples brains on here if thats ok with you folks

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