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Renault 5 GT Turbo / 200/300bhp
« on: 16:13, Fri 14 March 2008 »
My r5 is running  (when it runs) over 200bhp with a few mods from gt tuning..

now my questions is....

how much would it cost to get another 500 too 100bhp out of it??
or am i best leaving it as it is???

quick spec list

Intercooler pipes (Blue)
4" stainless steel full exhaust system
HE5C Turbo
GT tuning dump valve
GT tuning heat shield
GT tuning spider valve
GT tuning racing carb
GT tuning 285mm big brake conversion
Copper core radiator
Alloy intercooler
Low temp therm switch
Low temp fan switch
GT tuning in car adjustable boost controller
360 degree thrust bearing
T3 actuator
Uprated clutch
Piper cross induction kit
In car boost gauge
Stainless steel rocker cover & header tank
Prima wide arch body kit with spoiler
15" Split rim image wheels
4 Brand new Yoko tyres
Cool louvres bonnett
Full grey leather interior with white piping

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cgb motorpsort
« on: 15:43, Fri 14 March 2008 »
Well after speaking to bob for the best part of an hour i can honestly say that guy well and truly knows his stuff 8)  8)  8)

once i go pick my r5 up it will be going to cgb for its rebuild and i cant wait 8)  8)  8)

has anyone else had work done with bob at cgb????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rebuild cost??
« on: 22:48, Thu 13 March 2008 »
just done a quick search guys and just wondering what would it cost for a rebuild on a seized engine and can anyone recommend anyone???

Newbies / greeting everone :)
« on: 22:45, Thu 13 March 2008 »
hi all just got myself a r5 project  :)

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