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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Radiator Fan Motor!!! Help
« on: 17:59, Fri 02 May 2008 »
Right, yesterday my radiator fan motor packed in so I went to GSF today and got a new motor and fitted it.

Ran the car up to tempature and the fan didnt cut in. So I unpluged it and tried to run it off the battery directly red to red and black to black.

Still nothing happen.... would you say that the motor being brand new is faulty or have I missed something?

Thanks I Advance
Chris :(

Ice / Installing 6x9's
« on: 22:50, Wed 09 April 2008 »
Hi there,

I have never installed 6x9's before and was wondering if someone could put together a breif how to guide for me please. It may also be useful to other members.


Your cars / My R5 Turbo
« on: 18:12, Mon 24 March 2008 »
Hi there,

I have been on the site for a week or so now. I just thourght I would post some pics of my car and current plans/problems.

Since owning the car I have had a few problems that I need to get sorted. I believe these are all fairly common problems.

*Driver and passenger doors can be a bit of a pain to close, sometimes have to slam them pretty hard to close. Ideas on a quick fix for this would be great.
*Petrol tank leaking from bung - not leaking much but something I will need to get fixed to get it through its next MOT. I am on the look out for a spare tank.
*Sunroof is leaking currently - I have managed to track down a seal, just need to work out how to fit the new seal.
*Fuses blow - got no stereo or clock etc - if someone could point me in the direction of where the fuse box is located.
*Going to need 4 new tyres but that is nothing too major.
*Lastly I have a problem where when on full throttle it sounds like the cluch is slipping or something, it over revs. The strange thing is that it only does this on full throttle. If anyone has experienced this in the past and could shed some light on what this could be that would be great.

I am also looking to get a full respray in the same colour, but not sure where to take it to have the work done?

I will post more pics of my progress as I go along and keep those of you that are intrested updated.


General Chat / What wheels are these???
« on: 17:56, Mon 24 March 2008 »
Hi there can anyone tell me what wheels are on this R5. Think they would look sweet on mine.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel Tank Leaking
« on: 09:24, Wed 19 March 2008 »
Help, my fuel tank is leaking.

Has anyone else had this. Where do I get a new tank or how do I repair.

Help Please.......

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 16" Alloys
« on: 18:16, Mon 17 March 2008 »
Will 16" alloys fit straight on?

If so what are the dimensions etc to go for?

General Chat / Retrims
« on: 15:27, Sun 16 March 2008 »
Can anyone recommend somewhere that will do a full leather retrim for a sensible amount of money?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Leaking Sunroof
« on: 13:27, Sun 16 March 2008 »
I have a leaking sunroof.

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this and what they did to fix it. Would be good if someone could point me in the direction where to get the parts from etc.


Your cars / Original GTT Alloys
« on: 18:04, Sat 15 March 2008 »
I have a set of MINT original alloys with the tyres it came out of the factory on them.

Was going to put them on the car but now growing to love the alloys that are already on there.

Offers over 150. Can delivery locally or arrange couier if need be.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Newbie, which a techie question already
« on: 18:00, Sat 15 March 2008 »
Right imagion this your driving along in your R5 GTT in the rain and your on a long staright dual carriageway, so I fort (having purchased the car today) Ill open her up a little. The boost kicks in at then on full boost it feels like the cars clutch is either slipping or i must be loosing traction. Cant seem to work it out.

The guy I got the car off has informed me that 500 miles ago it had a new clutch put in, but I am a bit worried already!!

Any help would be much apprichated.

Thanks In Advance

Newbies / Hello All
« on: 21:56, Wed 12 March 2008 »

Picking up my first R5 Turbo on Saturday.

This is it

I have plans to restore it to a completely standard condition and generally give it a tidy up.

Getting a few bits with the car that I will post in the for sale section that I am not going to need.


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