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Renault 5 GT Turbo / 1.4 campus to 1.4 gt brake help !
« on: 21:58, Sat 05 September 2009 »
Hi all how are we doing ?  I'm currently at the end of my conversion now only last few bits to do and one of them is the front brake calipers, the problem I have is I only have the 1.4 campus calipers which don't fit because my disks are too thick 22-23mm, could I  grind out the calipers to make them fit don't look much to it or would this not be wise ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Vac Hose from renix unit !!!!!!
« on: 19:11, Mon 13 October 2008 »
Does the vac hose that comes from the renix unit go the the pipe on the back of the manifold neck above the other two ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Uprated fuel pump
« on: 08:00, Sat 04 October 2008 »
Does anyone know the part number for the uprated fuel pump because i have two bosch pumps both with different part numbers, one of them was off my phase 1 and the other was off my mates phase 2 but not sure if he bought an uprated one.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear brake compensator
« on: 06:54, Mon 21 January 2008 »
Hi to all im currently doing a gt to campus conversion and stuck my rear axel on not long ago now but the problem was my capmus doesnt have a rear brake compensator on it so i left the old one off, my mate said this wouldnt be a problem but could anyone see any issue's with leaving this off. thanks

Your cars / My New Monte carlo toy. He He !!!!
« on: 19:28, Wed 24 October 2007 »
Well here is my new five i picked up well cheap from a local police impound near me. Got a right touch. Just need to sort the spacing out on the rear of the rims, Drop my new rebuilt engine in , change the rear axel complete and get a respray sorted. I have put my gt interoir in it now just need to do the plastics........
here we go...

Will upload some more pics soon !!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Campus
« on: 20:29, Wed 17 October 2007 »
Can any one tell me if a 1996 1.4 campus suspension is a different fitment from the phase 2 gt suspension fitment.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wiring loom !!
« on: 19:36, Sun 07 October 2007 »
Does any have an exploded diagram of the wiring loom for the campus 1.4 and the gt 1.4.  Thanks matt

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Campus 1.0l to 1.4 gt
« on: 19:22, Fri 21 September 2007 »
Hi ive posted something like this b4 but now the time has come to put my mates 1.4 gt engine into his 1.0l campus. what i need to know do we have to change the complete sub frame and front end or will the 1 litre sub frame be strong enough eg bushes, suspension etc... also will we have to change the brake servo and will the gt engine loom just plug straight in. i know we have to change the complete rear axel but we wil be doing that at a later date, just front end for now. thanks

Your cars / My Phase 1 project
« on: 10:07, Sun 16 September 2007 »
Here is my current project at the mo, been doing it for a while now, My engine will be back from my mate soon so that will be good ,all nice and rebuilt cant wait. been doing alot of head work aswell. here's the picks.

How my bores looked before the rebuild.

Other engine thats being rebuilt

Car getting stripped out for inside the car work to be done

Some head work on the go, valve clean up, port work and combustion chamber.

next will be body work once the inside is done, will be ordering the monte carlo kit then alot of body welding and sills to be done, then preping for the spray job. will keep you updated.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ROTTING 5 !!!!
« on: 09:56, Tue 04 September 2007 »
How you all doing ? I might have a problem with rot on my five ,dont know how bad yet but if it is bad i was thinking of buying a decent campus and transfering all the bits over, the only thing im concerned about is the rear axel, i belive the campus is drums on the rear and the fives are discs, is this hard to swap with all the brake lines etc etc... Will this be worth doing as the campus shells are ment to be better aswell ( so i was told). there might only be sills to do on my gt along with the usual windscreen bubbles, but as i have no mot at the mo it might work out cheaper if i buy a campus with an mot. All answers will be great. Thanks matt

General Chat / Talking of petrol !!!! Heres a good one
« on: 22:21, Sun 15 July 2007 »
Did you know that Tesco's Super unleaded is 98-99 ron cant remember exactly which ron it is but how good is that. Get down to tesco's.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Powder coating a block?
« on: 22:04, Wed 25 October 2006 »
Hello all, Im currently doing a rebuild and have been thinking about getting the block powder coated but when i spoke to a chap at the powder coating place he said that he has never been asked to do that before and that he dont think it will be suitible as powder coating goes really soft again at
170 celsius. Is powder coating suitible for a 5 gt block?

General Chat / Yes or No ? Need your views !!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 15:05, Sun 28 May 2006 »
Hello to all members, just need a bit of feedback on the career move i'm thinking of taking. I'm from west london and there is no where that specialises in renault 5 turbos,eg like ktec or bb tuning. i'm from a mechanic backround and have done 6 years in the trade, i'm linked with alot of people who still work within the same trade (Audio technicians,car mechanics,sprayers,carpentors,welders) thats ust a few to mention.
My point is im thinking of opening my own business in west london that is dedicated to renault 5 turbos,but will work on a vast mogority of other renaults, offering every possible service i can. The business will start off small, but what business dont. My aims are hi.
Any feedback and opinions would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

General Chat / Paint job and kit
« on: 20:16, Mon 22 May 2006 »
Easy to all members,
i will be putting a kit on my five soon just wondering does anyone of you members who live in or near london know or have family who have a body shop, i need a paint job done on my motor and a bit of rust round the windows sorted, im not asking to do it for free but can we sort a deal out, i got qouted alot of money to do it in a local sprayers, its just stupid what they want for doing it. i can do all the prep work and put the kit on. just need my 5 looking sweet as we all do. cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / LINERS
« on: 18:39, Mon 01 May 2006 »
This is a quick question about pison liners, I was stripping  one of my engines and found that 2 of the liners had play, too and from you when your standing looking at the block. is there any allowance for play in these engines. would this not matter when the cylinder head is bolted back on ?

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