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General Chat / Removing and re-fitting dashboard advice and tips
« on: 01:22, Sat 10 September 2011 »
If anyone has removed there dash and knows how to do it without using a blow torch and a detonator device   :wink:  it would be much appreciated if you have a few tips on whats the best way to remove it  (and how much of a pain to reconnect the wiring etc) and where the locating points are... and what direction to lift and pull the dash out? so that nothing does 'snap' (is it a one man job or more than one required)

  Many thanks for any help 8)

General Chat / 65,00 ? is the house included?
« on: 08:53, Wed 17 February 2010 »

Media / Cool Video of a Restoration.. Renault 5 Turbo 2
« on: 16:22, Sun 14 February 2010 »

Your cars / Just a few old memories... of my old 5's
« on: 23:43, Thu 11 February 2010 »
Just dug out a few pics of my old red 5GTT..  

 This is where it all started for me...  I had this one for about 3 years and it was an animal.. in 5GTT clothing..  



 I didnt have my own camera back then... only other pics I have are of the black standard one..



 Its good to remember them again  :)

General Chat / Best UK 5GTT engine tuner?
« on: 23:27, Tue 17 June 2008 »
Just interested what company you would vote as the best 5GTT engine tuner :?:  

  If you look at the UK 5GTT tuners around...  who'd come out on top?

  You dont hear of any really getting a mention on here as most of the guys are home tuners..  so thought it would be an interesting ques to give them a mention.

  Also add your feedback on your experiences...  (if any)  with a tuner you visted.

For anyone that likes the original looks...  8)   I dug out an old file of pics of my 5GTT i havent seen for a while... thought u guys might like to see a few..

  Had quite a few 5gtt's... (red, tungsten, pearl white, black and now tungsten again) I've had most of the other sporty hot hatches as well.

  I missed owning a 5GTT soon as I sold my last one and had to find another one.  Took a while to find one I liked.... so many are overly modified and just not many healthy ones around.

 Anyways...  3 years ago... I found one that was 90% all orginal that I liked... it wasnt abused and generally well cared for... and just needed some loving care... with door dents...  scratches on most of the panels.. dirty carpet.. and the engine wasnt impressive to look at but in good condition...just pretty black and dirty with almost all the orginal hoses that were in need of renewing before they let go.

 Here's a few pics after the 1st makeover...  had all the scratches and dents removed.. and a high gloss polish up! I had it like this (looking 100% original) for a full year...  but then its almost impossible not to start playing with these cars!  :roll: and thats when my bank manager started to worry!  :shock:
 Heres how it was after the first clean up.. before it started getting a bit more expensive..  (the huge scorpion 4" tail pipe in these pics is no longer on the car that was on it when I bought it)


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