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General Chat / might break my car
« on: 22:17, Thu 08 May 2008 »
right im in a dilema at the moment considering breaking my car for spares its got a sound engine and box in it normal tappets rattle running completely stock so not been knocked the crap out of

few bits added

clio 16v steal wheels different
bailey dump valve
cobra front bucket seats
full custom stainless exhaust wit 3 inch back box origanol turbo alloys boot little outer rust
good bonnet gonna need painting as had a dent and was filled

but you get the basic jest what would it fetch at a gestimate in breaking i will add a few pics that i took a few weeks back

but plaease give me a ruff idea to whats it all worth as im torn between breaking and selling as a whole

Renault 5 GT Turbo / just bought these
« on: 18:00, Fri 18 April 2008 »
right just bought these for the r5

what seats can i get for the back that match as it will look odd with just leather fronts will mk1 clio seats fit

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5 turbo original colours
« on: 18:34, Thu 17 April 2008 »
what were the factory colours for the r5 turbo

i know they were
tungsten grey
pearl white limited run

what others as a friend of mine seems to think red and i dont recall seeing a red phase 2

Renault 5 GT Turbo / will 17s fit straight on
« on: 19:44, Wed 02 April 2008 »
bought a set of 17s off ebay will they fit straight on with out any arch mods as my cars not loawered or anything like that

and has anybody got a pic of there car with 17s so i can see what they would sit like thanks all

Renault 5 GT Turbo / still pinking on boost
« on: 16:27, Wed 19 March 2008 »
right the problems still there ive fitted k-tec leads and ht lead new plgsnew dizzy cap and rotar arm even had a friend who owns a garage turn the mixture up a bit and its still there the cars running standard why is this still happening any views or suggestions greatly appreciated :?:  :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / does this look standard
« on: 18:09, Mon 10 March 2008 »
out of curiousty does this look like its running standard by the speed of it and all this was done on a private road  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / sorry me again timing how to adjust
« on: 23:50, Tue 19 February 2008 »
a friend of mine cllaims that you cant move the distibuter to alter timing if this is the case how is it done as mine is in dire straits of needing to be done thanks all sorry for being a pain with all the questions

Renault 5 GT Turbo / whats the pcd for r5 turbos
« on: 19:00, Tue 19 February 2008 »
can anyone please tell me the pcd fitment for renault 5gt turbos and also what other manafacturers have the same fit ment thanks all steve

Renault 5 GT Turbo / timing
« on: 10:30, Sat 16 February 2008 »
can anyone tell me what degree the timing should be at cos im missing slightly on tickover and causeing me to pink a little at higher revs the car has as follows

dump valve
air filter and is running approx 10 psi

can any body shed any light on this for me as i dont want to brake it i as i love the little thing to bits lol

Renault 5 GT Turbo / strange pinking noise on boost
« on: 16:39, Fri 08 February 2008 »
hey all well the fist of many problems has arisen lol my car drives fine even with half throttle as soon as it give it some beans it makes a metalicy pinking sound can anyone enlighten me where i should start as i dont want to blow the engine or damage it in any way thanks all

Your cars / my r5 stock but a good canvas
« on: 23:56, Tue 05 February 2008 »
shes pretty standard at the moment with only a dump valve and induction pick her up tomorrow but a good blank canvas to start with or may even leave her in standard form as there getting harder to get like this

Newbies / hey all newbie
« on: 21:14, Tue 05 February 2008 »
hey all my names steve and ive just bought my first r5 turbo after wanting one for 15 yrs lol but too many other comitments and im  from sunny old kent look forward to help and advice as ive heartd i may need it  :D

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