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General Chat / Dimma - still opened?????
« on: 00:59, Sun 25 June 2006 »
Hey everyone,
Im wondering if 'Dimma' are still opened? I have been emailing them for ages but no reply and phoned them up today and the bloke at the other end said that dimma had sold the line /number to them :roll:
Bit confused here! Can anyone help me out?
I am looking for the wide arched Dimma kit to fit a project 5 Ill be doing soon so thats why I want to contact them.
Please let me now,
Cheers everyone,
Conor :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help on my project R5, soon to be turbo!
« on: 01:02, Tue 30 May 2006 »
Hey Everyone,
Ok Ive finished my project R5 for the last month or so, The only bad thing about the car is; its a non-turbo.
I think if I got a Turbo engine conversion it would be set.
Ive been ringing and emailing like crazy lately; CBG Motorsport, Europarts Motorsport, 5 Alive....etc
Im just wondering where would be the best place to pick a mint engine up? Ive been talking to Bob @ CBG Motorsport and he has the following;
I have one that I was just about to fit to a very original car but I have now sold the car and the engine is available.  The engine was removed from a car showing 72K and has been running within the last 4-6 weeks.  It has gearbox still fitted which was in good working order, stage 2 turbo still fitted with no play in the impeller (and no smoke) obviously.  Overall very good engine.  I think it would be best to replace the water pump and starter motor but I have new and second hand units available.
Also saw a few on Ebay but its dodgy as hell buying one from there.
I live in Southern Ireland which means I can't go around looking at engines day-in, day-out till I find a mint one.
Is there any chance ye guys, will give me some advice where to pick up a mint engine and which companies are trust-worthy? The second I have a mint one lined up, Me & My uncle whose a mechanic will be going over that day to check it out and hopefully purchase.
Please everyone, Im asking for ye're advice here, I seriously want a mint Turbo 5 to present to the streets of Ireland :twisted:
Thanks everyone,

Your cars / Looks sweet
« on: 21:03, Sat 01 April 2006 »
Sweet ride. They are seriously rare these days. To be honest its been years and years sense ive seen one.
Keep it mint,
Conor :wink:

Your cars / Project R5 from Ireland
« on: 16:19, Sat 01 April 2006 »
This is my Renault 5 1.4 non-turbo(unfortunetly!)
Its been an on-going project for the last year or so.
I couldn't get insured in a turbo for my first car so I had to settle for a non-turbo :cry:  But my next will be a Turbo :twisted:
Theres been about 10keuro of extra's gone in :shock: But it still isn't 100% finished.
The "Rally of the lakes '06" is on this month so it will be ready for then. I must take it back there to show everyone as its not been seen by anyone yet, its just finished.
Here's the full spec:
- Full "Carisma Automotive" limited edition gt5-r kit
- Fully flushed boot
- Bad boy'd bonnet
- Fully flushed(moulded in) carisma arches
- Sprayed in 2k Metallic Purple
- TSW pace rims
- "Carisma Automotive" Aluminium diffuser
- Two 4" burn't tip exhaust system
- two 25mm spots for Carisma Front bumper
- Clear indicators all around
- Fully meshed Front bumper, grill  & rear intregal arche
- Elite signs mini front plate & jap style rear plate
- Fully striped rear with full "Kicker" Sound system
- Full "Cobra Clubman's"(oldstyle) buckets
- "Sparco" Harnesses
- Fully carpeted rear
- "K-tec Rcaing" Ultimate Adjustable coilover suspension

Here she is in the very beginning

Bad boy'd bonnet, Grill & front bumper ready for spray

Front end ready for primer

Front bumper back to body shop :cry: !!!

Finally finished!

Exhaust detail

Fully moulded in arches

Rear view


General Chat / Hello, abit of help please!
« on: 20:02, Mon 18 July 2005 »
Hey guys, i posted in the forum about a bad boy bonnet for an R5 the last day and got no feed back at all,
Please if ye know anything let me know, I really need help.
Thanks alot,

General Chat / Mean eyebrows on an R5?
« on: 17:19, Sun 17 July 2005 »
Hey guy's n' gals,
I am currently modifying my 1996 non-turbo renault 5 and am in a spot of bother!
I have seen alot of R5's on magazines with an evil eyebrow look on the bonnet of the car, I relly wanna do this but don't know how.
When i looked at the car last night i noticed that i can't just spot weld and fill a pieces to either side ot the bonnet cause the lights are in the way.
Does anyone know how this is done as it looks spectacular and i really really want it done to my car.
Thanks alot everyone,
Conor mulcahy.

Newbies / Conor,story?!
« on: 19:30, Tue 28 June 2005 »
Hey guys,
Just after joining.
Got a 1.4 non-turbo,1996 renault 5 last week and believe it or not i can't find a flipping kit that kick ass!
Im living in limerick in Ireland but id buy a kit in england no bother,
Please helps folks as i need to get the almighty R5 on the road in two weeks!
Conor. :wink:

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