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General Chat / log
« on: 21:57, Sun 02 November 2008 »
Met a guy called log (RTOC name) the other morning, say's he's got GTTBOY'S 5 shell, lives around the Heathrow area (Longford) where i've been staying, i'm on a 4 on 4 off shift at LHR until xmas, he seemed like a genuine bloke, anybody know him?
Also has anybody got a room to rent or know of good clean accomodation in the Heathrow/ London area for a person like me (white clean straight ), 60 to 100 quid a week!, until xmas, possibly longer.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel leak
« on: 22:15, Sun 03 August 2008 »
I put 20 of optimax in the car (just under 1/2 way on the gauge) on Friday, opened up the garage doors today and immediately smelled fuel!
Found a small patch of fuel on the ground just forward and inboard of the rear drivers side roadwheel, had a look with a torch and mirror, the pump and filter and are all dry but there is fuel on the bottom of the tank and up the side (only the drivers side).
Couldnt see too far up so not sure if its the main tank thats leaking or if its the reserve (too far fwd to be the reserve pump).
Anyway, needed to use the car today and of course its been raining so its all wet under there now, typical.
I'm sure i've read on here somewhere about the main tank leaking, i'll go and have a look through the threads, anybody know the most likely place for the leak?

Cheers, Chris.

General Chat / Racing
« on: 05:48, Tue 24 June 2008 »
Does anyone watch the F1 circus anymore, it still seems to be crap coverage on ITV, but a bit more fun to watch now that Hamilton has lost his cool, what mistake will he make next? Jenson picking up his wages at the back and DC trying his best midfield.
I love watching the MotoGP, Rossi and Stoner are brilliant at the moment, shame about James Toseland at Donnington trying too hard, still its his first year and he was excellent on Superbikes.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Thermostat
« on: 23:27, Tue 08 April 2008 »
Hi all, a couple of years ago i fitted a lo-temp thermostat (83 deg) and lo-temp rad fan switch, my local tuners GT Tuning and K-Tec both reckon 83 deg is the right one to use. I've just seen on MB carperformance website that they sell a 75 deg one. Has anyone on here got one of these and do they make much difference to the running temp?
Also, does anyone know if another type of car uses this 75 deg one?, it might be easy to get one from Halfords or a motor factors.

Site/Forum/Computers / Forum clock/ time.
« on: 22:29, Tue 08 April 2008 »
Just noticed your forum clock/ time is 1 hour out, or is it just me? I'm in England.

Your cars / MY RAIDER
« on: 01:46, Fri 22 February 2008 »
Hi, this is the current spec of my 1990 R5 GT TURBO RAIDER. It was 1 month old and had about 1000 miles on the clock when i bought it.
TURBO DYNAMICS MD28 hybrid turbo.
GT TUNING parts- pro cockpit variable boost control, closed loop dump valve, group a carb, crossdrilled front brake discs, braided turbo oil feed pipe.
K-TEC parts- alloy intercooler, high tensile head bolts, high output fuel pump, 8mm ht leads.
Other bits include SCORPION stainless exhaust with 3.5mm rolled out tailpipe, SPAX-PSX suspension kit+ adjusted torsion bar, SPARCO front suspension brace, kevlar front brake pads, SAMCO turbo air inlet+ oil return hoses, 83 deg thermostat+ lo-temp rad fan switch, RACETECH boost gauge, white front indicators, COBRA immobiliser, JR air filter+ modified intake.
The group a carb has been on it for 7 years and always ran rich but over the last 3 i`ve had to clean the plugs every month or so. I`ve just rebuilt it again (3rd time) but now with a 1.3 mm main jet and 0.9mm air and i`ve changed the plugs from NGK B8EG`S to B8EVX`S to see how it runs.
The bodywork is a bit tatty (lots of rust at the bottom edge of the windscreen+ small dents along both sides of the car) and the original clutch has just started slipping.
I`ve just got this avatar thing to work and i might put some pictures on here if i can figure it out. I see some peoples pics appear straight away and some you have to click a link. Any advice would be appreciated.
Keep up the good work guys,

Newbies / Hello
« on: 23:10, Sat 16 February 2008 »
This is my first post so hope its ok. I have a R5GT TURBO RAIDER 1990. I have owned it since march 1990, it now has 102,000 miles on the clock, not all of them trouble free (anti-prec fan caught fire, clutch cables used to snap regularly, t2 turbo blew up at approx 75,000 miles), but i still love it.
Its got a TURBO DYNAMICS MD28 turbo, GT TUNING variable boost, closed loop dump valve, group a carb, crossdrilled front brakes, braided oil feed pipe, K-TEC intercooler, uprated fuel pump, uprated head bolts, SCORPION exhaust, NGK B8EG plugs, SPAX PSX suspension kit + torsion bar adjusted, and a few other bits.
I have only been looking at this site for a couple of months but i am very impressed with the knowledge of some of the members.

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