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General Chat / Anyone live near gloucester
« on: 22:26, Tue 24 November 2009 »
As titke says just wondering if any 5 owners live near gloucester as seen alot of 5s about.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / clutch
« on: 21:21, Thu 19 November 2009 »
Ive fitted a volvo 480 turbo clutch to me 5 but the pedal is almost like a paddle clutch is this normal??? it pushes down so far then will go to the floor i know it works but i just wanted to see if any1 else has this??

Your cars / My Phase1 reviseted
« on: 16:13, Thu 19 November 2009 »
Ive tried to do as much as i can in the past year but i lost me job and with parents spliting i got up off my ass and attacked it again.

I carried out the useual head work a re grind of the valves de-coke and new stem seals.

Ater being rebuilt ready to go back in.

Engine back in and shiny intercooler. After this was done i decidede i wanted a striped car and so i did this....

And so i removed the dash sprayed it matt blck and re mounted all the wireing and the clockd have a technical cable tie  :roll:
Then she was booked in with me old man to weld her up

And then had to take a few pics

And thats how she stands now i have had my front bumper repaired for free thanks to a great mate so thats whatt ive manged hope you like. O and passed me driveing test 3 months ago and heres my daily driver
Thanks for looking.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carbon
« on: 09:49, Wed 07 January 2009 »
Anyone know of a place i can buy carbon sheets for the interior of my car dont reali want bare metal thanks.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / HELPPPPPPPPP
« on: 18:55, Mon 15 September 2008 »
Will phase2 coilovers fit a phase1 bein offerd a set 4 100 squid thx

Your cars / New bits and old bits.
« on: 17:02, Thu 14 August 2008 »
Picked up my new intercooler last week and also just bought a underbonnet boost valve

And bad bits had to scrap my campus just before weighing it i we put a lod landrover block  in the front now the question is wud i need coilovers to get it this low??

Your cars / engine re-build??
« on: 13:08, Thu 10 July 2008 »
Took the engine out of my car and have it sat on a bench do i do a full rebuild or just a headgasket and clutch? I think im straying more to just a gasket and clutch as i want to fit my new fmic what do you boys recomend??
Many thanks

Your cars / New pics at last
« on: 21:20, Wed 25 June 2008 »
Decided to take the lump out and about 9 ish in a bit of a showear

Also have seein my intercool and hoses but no pics just yet  :lol:

General Chat / Le mans 24 hour
« on: 17:35, Wed 18 June 2008 »
Just came back from the le mans 24 hour and drove through and around france and only saw 1 gtturbo and it was a shed was a little bit dissapointed but owell dont remember much anyway lol

Your cars / engine removal
« on: 16:18, Thu 24 April 2008 »
can a r5 engine be takein out without a ramp??
Need to do me clutch
Thanks ollie

Your cars / wheels
« on: 20:20, Wed 12 March 2008 »
Bit confussed what to go for i own a ste of reno 19 phase1 wheels do i fit them to the car or these

Ats classics on stretch tires (work with a bloke with sum on a jetta)  :?:  :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine out
« on: 18:18, Tue 04 March 2008 »
Need to do the clutch on the me phase1 but need a bit off gidence ive got a haynes manuel but cant make much sense of it anyy sort of guidence would be gratefully recived :)  I do have access to ramps and cranes.

Your cars / Phase 1 project
« on: 20:34, Sun 02 March 2008 »

She needs sum love i kow but for 650 210bhp and 24psi of bosst im very happy and all before my 17th lol
Hope u like  :D [/img]

Your cars / My toy!
« on: 20:31, Sun 02 March 2008 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / lowering
« on: 20:29, Wed 06 February 2008 »
Haveing to use  my campus as first car (bloody insurance) could i have advise on lowering the torsion bar i have acess to ramps and all the tools just dont know what to do  :oops:  :oops: thanks

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