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Renault 5 GT Turbo / 2.5" Downpipe..who sells them now?
« on: 18:42, Fri 21 August 2015 »
As the thread says who makes them? as my exhaust was made with a 2" with a sleeve and a clamp ..exhaust keeps sliding off ..rather annoying haha.

Im after the same kind of style as the BMS pipes but im reading that they dont make them anymore.

i only need one to cut up to fit to my current system as it isnt an original exhaust as its fully custom. :)

If anyone can help me that would be awesome! :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil Pressure Guage help
« on: 18:08, Fri 08 January 2010 »
Hi folks re-wiring my guages(aftermarket ones) ....right oil pressure guage before only read when it had pressure ..didnt give me a reading ..if that makes sense .. what can i do to make it give me a real figure? ...Im using a clio loom the 5gtt loom isnt there ..its just new wires for the guages in my clio.

If you can tell me how to wire it ..that would be great!  :)

Cheers  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbochargers ...whats best for me?
« on: 20:25, Mon 21 December 2009 »
Hi folks gunna bite the bullet and buy a brand new turbo. im sick of changing the second hand ones ive had lol. Im also sick of spinning housings etc ...just want one that will fit and last  :lol: . Last turbo i had only blew cos i left the car sat for a month ...then started it up without then started smoking like a chimney(oil coming out exhaust housing area after we disconected the downpipe).

Right so here's my question ...i want a turbo that will boost without a lot of lag ..but i want one that wont kick in on the motorway at 2.5k revs.

I drive on the country roads and would like something that isnt too laggy i asking for too much lol.

Also any idea's where id get one that will fit straight on? Ive seen the cr turbo's post on the forsale bit ...undecided on what i want tho.

Sorry for rambling on lol ..but any help would be awesome folks ;)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Testing for vaccum leaks?
« on: 18:41, Sat 12 December 2009 »
Hi folks

My gtt engine keeps cutting out at junctions ...and idlings irratic ..doesnt properly idle till its warmed up ...i recon its due to a vaccum leak ...i kno theres a test you can do ..i dont have a compressor to test for leaks ..anyone have any other idea's for me?

Cheers  8)

Events/Shows/Cruises / Glasgow Meet 8th November 2009
« on: 16:58, Sun 25 October 2009 »
I have my own clio site ...but i recon it should be good to get some 5's along if there are any  :lol:  ..details are here -

Odeon Springfield Quay,
Springfield Quay,
Paisley Road,
G5 8NP

We shall be meeting for around 7pm...and we are over at the bridge side also :)

General Chat / Damn Scrapage Scheme :(
« on: 21:32, Mon 05 October 2009 »
Well last week i started working for arnold clark. Got a phone call from a mate who worked down the road at the renault dealership saying "a renault 5 gt turbo's been traded in man ...come down"

I went down was electric blue! it had 19k on the clock ..yes ...19k!! it was totally standard ..the interior is mint i thought to myself "ill go ask if its for sale" ..turns out they cant legally sell it to anyone has to be scrapped  :(  :(

Turns out the owner was in his 50's and had the car garaged since 1995 ..there was a few bits of bubbling rust ..gutted tbh.

BUT! ...i then asked if i could take bits off it ..they replied "aslong as it will drive onto the flat bed"

So ive been out 2nite stripping pipes of the engine for my clio gtt ...was tempted to load the full engine into my sisters clio ...but didnt think she'd be too pleased  :lol:

So thats my day ...the scrappage scheme makes me sick to my stomach tbh  :(  :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Cutting out ..missfire ...allsorts
« on: 20:59, Sun 04 October 2009 »
Hi folks  

Got a few problems with my clio gtt ..i will list lol

1. Anytime i come to a junction cuts out ..the engine stalls
2. When first started it struggles to idle.
3. It has a missfire about 2krevs ..the car starts kangaroo'ing.

Ive spoke to the rtoc chairman ..he wants me to take it to his which is a good 30mins away as he has no car. But i dont want to drive it as it frustrates the fook outa me lol. He told me to wind the mixture screw all the way in ..then turn it back 3 turns which i did ...then started it up idled ..but then started missfiring ever so slightly. He then told me to turn the idle speed screw untill its sat at 1k revs ..which resulted in it getting worse... after fannying about i decided to clean the idle jet out ...put it back in ..and hey presto started and idled fine..i didnt go drive it after tho.

Then... i went out a few days later to take it a run it started up ..and at idle the revs started hunting untill it cut out(done this a few times) ...i tried adjusting the idle speed to sort it ..but it made it worse. I then decided it might of been cold i took it a wee drive ...then i came to a junction it cut out ..before it cut out it banged and popped from the exhaust which i recon is normal.

Sorry for the essay folks ..but im getting to the point where im just wanting rid of the bugger now ....please help me out folks. I just want a car where i can just go out and drive/go a country road play in.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb/Fueling Probs
« on: 18:10, Sun 01 March 2009 »
Hi folks again  :lol:  :lol:  

Got a problem engine is backfiring fuel out of the inlet manifold ...could this be down to overfuelling?

Im using my clio 1.2 fuel pump to a 5gtt pressure regulator ..i was told this could be the case and that i should get an adjustable pressure regulater instead.

Im told the clio pump is around 14psi i wouldve thought the 5gtt regulator wouldve been upto the job lol ..i kno the 5gtt engine needs about 4psi of fuel.

Ive had the car running but it didnt run very long a week ago.

So would it be worth getting an adjustable regulator?

Im asking on here as i feel im just ploughing more and more money into this  :lol:  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / No spark...
« on: 17:01, Wed 11 February 2009 »
As some of you know im converting my clio with a 5gtt engine.  My mate reco came round wired up the engine. For the coil ..we got a power and an earth ...power coming from the dash loom if i remember(reco will correct me lol) We have a test light so reco tested it it ..seems we have both power and an earth for the AEI unit.

One thing we arnt getting is a spark. I originally thought it was the TDC sensor. Then was told the clio ones are the same so i went to the scrappy for a clio TDC sensor. Tested it today and still no spark.

I then was told the clio coil pack will work with it. So i fitted the coil pack from my old 1.2 and still no spark.

Spoke to bob and the lads at CGB ..they were telling me to use OHM meters which i dont have  :(

So does anyone have any idea's? other than a petrol and a match  :lol:  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Starter motor...
« on: 18:08, Sun 08 February 2009 »
Well as you know im doing a clio gtt conversion .

We hooked up the wires and stuff ..we have noticed when cranking over ...the starter motor is bloody loud! ...i have to hold my ears!  :lol:  :lol:

Are they supposed to be loud? ..bearing in mind i have the car in my garage lol.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / tomcat t25...
« on: 18:13, Mon 12 January 2009 »
Ok ...ive got myself a t25 with minimal play in the shaft.  I want it to fit my gtt engine.  Ive span the housings properly ..then i was told an oil line needs to bit facing the top span the housings ..water pipe fowls on the manifold. So i have to get the circlip off ..which i think is siezed on as it aint budging.

Also oil return pipe is different to the gtt did you get it to fit.

Turbo elbow ..ive managed to get 3bolts lined up ..could someone please tell me how it fits properly ..i spoke to bob at cgb on the fone he said something about a washer.

I hope somebody can help me as im soo close to just getting a standard T2 that fits the gtt engine lol.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / More Pipe Help!(pics included)
« on: 18:08, Sat 06 December 2008 »
Haha sorry guys i must be a pain in thee arse  :lol:

Ive got round to piping my 5gtt engine to my clio.

Im quite stuck with my carb pipes at the moment

What pipe goes here and where does it go to?(driversside)

Also this one is on the passenger side idea what it goes to -

And Last of all -

Also i kno the two bits at the back are for the fuel lines..what one is which..i have my fuel lines as green and red.

Another question is ..what is this sensor -

Also the oil ventilation hoses..could somebody please explain where each one goes.

Please do not slate me lol ..ive basically been given a box of pipes to work from so any help would be appreciated

Thanks  :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5gtt to Clio loom...
« on: 20:28, Fri 21 November 2008 »
Well i was told it was plug n play but obviously its not. I tried joining the cable from engine loom near gearbox area to clio loom and it doesnt fit.

Has anybody done this conversion or know a way round this wiring is just holding me back from doing anything.

My car was a 1.2 energy engined clio, i have both clio loom and 5gtt engine loom. I dont kno much about wiring ..if you can help me that would be appreciated!  8)

Your cars / My Clio Gtt (W.I.P)
« on: 21:10, Mon 10 November 2008 »
Well since ive been on here for a wee bit ..i thought i would post some pics of my progress of my clio build. Im still building it at the mo.

Engine has had a full rebuild 10k ago previous owner showed me reciepts  :)

My clio before i took it off the road -

So i took it off the road after FCS 08 for the conversion.

I got engine out ..was greeted with this-

As you can see ..pretty rusty then got welded and patched inner wing,treated and sprayed gloss black.

After that ..treated subframe ..painted it with a anti-rust paint -

Engine on frame-

Then engine into car -

Thats all soo far u can see im using a t25 turbo which i span housings on.  At the mo ive got to sort some wiring out. Then figure out which pipes goes where as im new to the 5gtt engine.

Ill hopefully be updating this in the next few weeks. Its been a learning curve as this is my first engine conversion

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