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General Chat / Fuel pump relay bridgeing
« on: 00:00, Wed 01 April 2009 »
Having a few issues with my feul pump and am trying to bypass the relay to make sure the pump is ok and it is actully the relay itself thats the problem....

The thing is ive been told to bridge pins 5 and 6 by 1 person, yet haynes say bridge 3 and 5......

Any1 know for sure which pins it actully is please?

Thanks in advance

Also.... every thing ive read so far regarding this relay has stated that the relay itself is black with a gray base..... Mine seems to be white.... Hope ive got the correct 1, is the fuel pump relay the only 6 pin relay found on the right side of the main fuses?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Water gauge
« on: 02:14, Tue 31 March 2009 »
I got a glowshift water temp gauge a few days back and wondered if it was possable to attach the signal wire directly to the stock sensor on the water pump?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Big Problem......
« on: 05:56, Mon 21 July 2008 »
After buying another gtt all seemed well bar a accute fuel thirst.

I first took the prima raceing for a set up, assumeing this was the problem.

Upon collecting the car i was told that it had low preassure in 3 cylinders and the reason i was useing masses of fuel was that it was mixing with the oil.

Adviseing that it could be the valves or piston rings a rebuild started.

The head came off, was preassure tested at 100%. valves seem ok.

Off comes the sump, piston rings wernt to clever, so they were replaced along with big end bearings.

Reassembled everything and yea it still burns an unholy amount of fuel.

Any1 got any idea what else it could be?

The turbo is starting to smoke slightly (another waiting to be fitted tho) but as far as i know this wouldnt cause a fuel issue.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Boost preasure on unknown spec 5
« on: 23:08, Fri 30 November 2007 »
Just got another r5, it has fitted a incar adjustable controller that is plumbed in and working, however the variation between boost levals is only about .2 bar, from 0.8 to 1.0.

Playing about with boost ceiling control i got the turbo to fire up to 1.5 bar, before i bottled it and took my foot off the accelerator.  Problem being that the guy the car came from won it in a contest and has really no idea about it or whats done to it. From owning other 5s i can see that all expansion tanks, swirl pots etc are alloy, full samco hoses, copper rad, alloy int, alloy lobster elbow, low temp thermo and induction kit are present.

Whould the listed mods be responcerble for the extra .2 bar over standard the turbo produces as stock and is a stock turbo actully capable of hitting 1.5 bar in the first place? Im trying to find out what spec the engine is in, but from the above can any1 assist in what whould be a likly  safe boost leval to use. I was thinking the turbo could be a hybrid as it seems dumb to to fit a bleed valve to adjust by only 2 points of preasure and atsome point the guy has wound the boost down.

The car is also WELL overfueling.


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