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General Chat / So my R5 caught on fire...
« on: 14:55, Sun 08 March 2009 »
Well I thought id be brave and jetwash the engine bay after work and all was good till I got home that was.
Only popped inside for 10 minutes to grab some stuff and when I came back out the car was still steaming which was odd, upcon closer inspection I could see flames and embers under the car, luckily Ive got a fire extingusisher in the house and managed to put the fire out without calling the fire brigade.

The cause? Previous shonky alternator/fan switch wiring.

Spend all yesterday rewiring it but cant get the fan to cut in so thats another thing for the list.

Nothing like owning an R5  :P

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wiring diagrams for post 1987 models ?
« on: 12:20, Wed 19 December 2007 »
Hi, I have a 1989 Ph2 and a 1985-1992 haynes manual and in the back it says there is no diagrams for models after 1987.  Are there any other manuals that show them or Renault direct?

Newbies / Old car New owner
« on: 00:45, Sun 25 November 2007 »
Hey im daryl and Ive recently bought a red phase 2 from a friend and local rtoc member.

Got a month or so to fix some bits cause im saving up for the insurance deposit :D

Its going to be my first quick car, ive driven old mini's since passing my test and now im looking forward to being able to overtake lol.

Anyone in the southwest area?

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