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Renault 5 GT Turbo / problem :{
« on: 19:04, Thu 05 March 2009 »
Alright guys, having problems since today any suggestions of what it could be?

ok, so when i try to accelerate the engine revs really drop and it feels like the car is holding back for a second before gently accelerating, thats just pulling away, then when rolling any sort of gentle or heavy acceleration it starts to hold you back and then pull.

On idle its fine and i have whipped the idle jet out to check, but if i attempt to rev it stationary it dips before reving,  :cry:

It makes no difference if its hot or cold, but i drove home from work and it wasn't doing it, i was driving gently :shock:  then i went to get some petrol just now and it started again :roll:

I checked all vacumn hoses and they seem fine, looked around the accelerator cable and wasnt catching on anything. Checked all boost hoses and nothing popped off.

I changed the fuel filter maybe 2 months ago so wouldn't think it was that?
going to check all plugs tommorow, but as i said it was idleing fine. Maybe overfueling ? fpr? fooked turbo? renix?

Any1 had this problem?

Help appreciated :)

General Chat / spraying
« on: 14:35, Sun 25 January 2009 »
ok guys my front bumper is forever getting worse with it being so low stone chips are becoming large gaps in the paintwork :(  Went to a local spray shop the other day and they quoted me 220 plus vat for the front bumper in pearly white, this included smoothing the red line strip.

Basically i wondered how this price faired up with anyone else thats had paintwork done recently?  :oops:

I was also thinking perhaps to just get hold of a phase 2 bumper and get that sprayed up.. do you think i should keep it all phase 1? I just love the lip on the front of the phase 2 bumper... :)  descisions descisions

Just thought i'd mention this cos its funny, we all get stupid comments from people about our 5's and how rare they are, yesterday a guy asked me "is it real?"....
 :lol:  i just couldn't stop laughing at the guy... should have told him to pinch himself  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / pillar pod
« on: 16:16, Thu 08 January 2009 »
For ages been wanting a pillar pod to slap a boost gauge into but can only find universal pods, any1 know of 1 that is made for the 5 or a decent fitting universal 1? If not iM just going to have to stick a gauge on the dash :(  Cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / servo
« on: 17:51, Mon 15 December 2008 »
you guys, i had the brake pedal to the floor problem same as matey did a couple weeks ago. It defo wasnt leaking fluid and not air in the system so i changed the master cylinder last week and still no good, not the vacum pipe from the manifold, or the one way valve so i've got a servo ready to go on tomorrow:(

Basically wondered if anyone had done it before and had any hints or tips before i start in the morn. Cheers guys  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo n boost
« on: 11:53, Mon 27 October 2008 »
Yo. Ok guys so its basically time for me to order me new turbo, last time i asked you guys about the ktr 180 n you said fu*k that get this one from steve:

T25 with .47 rear, good for 180bhp, maybe more depending on engine spec 430 (this turbo is closer to the KTR 230 than the 180 as the 180 runs a bored out .35 T2 rear housing Wink) 55 trim comp wheel

I'll be honest its obvously alot better value for money but is there any other t2 sized hybrids on the market, so i dont have to wait for the badboy to spin up. :lol: Is this a laggy turbo?

Also when i slap which ever new turbo on i wanna be running 18 - 20 psi, is there anything major ill have to change from my setup i have now??

Any advice or other tubo options appreciated.

sometimes i ask stupid questions cos i be cornish  :roll:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bolts
« on: 10:35, Thu 23 October 2008 »
Hey. Anyone no were i can get hold of the bolts that secure the front disc to the hub...?? I guess bob at cgb will av em, but wanted new ones, Renault? Also went down to my local renault the other day to get 6 f those rear window rubber/plastic seals, 3 on each side. They said renault dont produce them anymore!!! Anyone no were i can get hold of some pls?? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Missfire :(
« on: 14:06, Thu 16 October 2008 »
Howdy. k so my 5's started a random missfire. If i open it up through every gear no problems, however if im drivin along in say 3rd at 30mph then open her up the boost starts to rise the car starts pulling then i hear a pop, loose all boost n speed. Feels like theres too much fuel goin through n its floodin or somethin. I changed my plugs the other day n this didn't solve it. Also, dont no if this has anythin to do with it, but my idle is bit higher than it used to be. Was thinking bout bettin an afr so i can see wats goin on but after looking how expensive they are not so sure. Wen i brought the car it was totally standard n had the boost upped, speider valve, in car boost, double capacity intercooler, adjustable tdc, n carb re-jetted. All of this i had done at the same time by gt tuning. But not to sure wat main and ac they put in. help pls. any ideas or suggestions.   :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo fooked?
« on: 17:57, Sun 21 September 2008 »
after changing some boost hoses the other day noticed a nice amount of oil lagged on the inside of the pipe from turbo to intercooler. Guessing a seals gone? any ideas? planning to buy a new one in a month or so, is it likey to hold up till then if i run her on low boost, or will it cause some serious damage? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ahggghh
« on: 17:43, Sat 13 September 2008 »
Ok so i got a hole in my intercooler where my oil feed to rad has been rubbing on the side of it. Its a double capacity gt tuning intercooler, so im gutted. Anyone no wat i can patch it up with or if can get it welded?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / dash clock
« on: 12:36, Wed 03 September 2008 »
Hey. Anyone any ideas. My lcd clock next tot he fan controls stil works but theres no illumination anymore. :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / phase 2 bumpers on phase 1
« on: 20:06, Sun 03 August 2008 »
do they go straight on??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / renix unit moving
« on: 18:01, Tue 22 July 2008 »
Alright guys. Had my phase one for a while now and been putting off moving the renix behind the bulkhead for ages. Anyone give some advice on doing it pls. How easy? Extra bits required? I no its a better place for it so it doesnt sit over the turbs but havent had any probs so far, thats y I haven't bothered yet. But now im thinking its better to do it before it f**ks up and i need a new one. Any help would be sweet.

Also while Im here, brought a blanking plug for the dump the other day. Now it makes a sweet chatter noise. A mate of mines got a glanza running 190 ish bhp. He's blanked off his dump n it makes an amazing high pitched sort of woop woop woop noise... ha hard to explain but nothing like my 5 chatter. Any Idea how to achieve this crazy noise? He's running a pancake hks filter n I've got a massive k-tech cone filter, anything to do with this? could it be to do with the shape and design of the fins in the turbo?? Im still on the standard t2, whilst he's running a hybrid. I dunno jus wnt the woop woop woop ha ha  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / plugs n leads
« on: 12:47, Tue 15 July 2008 »
alright geezars. wats the best ones to get pls, haven't done em since I've had the car n thought it was about time. any help would be saweet. cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Little rubber nuggets
« on: 15:15, Thu 05 June 2008 »
Anyone no where I can get the litle rubber seals that go in the rear window fixings? Just mine are gettin proper brittle n falling apart. Cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / inlet/ exhaust manifold gasket
« on: 10:40, Sun 23 March 2008 »
Hi, half way through doing my gasket change and got a lil bit stuck. Managed to get to every bolt on the manifold other than the 1 that sits on the passenger side under the inlet... :oops: Anyone no how to get to it? I've tried from under the car but still cant get to it?? Its the last bolt before I can get the lot off :cry:  any help appreciated cheers

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