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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Coolant warning light
« on: 10:41, Fri 05 December 2008 »

I noticed today my coolant warning red light on but the coolant temp guage is working fine otherwise and all cooling and coolant level is fine?. Any ideas?.

Where is the sensor located that tells the coolant warning light to come on?. :?

General Chat / Rolling Road
« on: 12:03, Mon 27 October 2008 »

As I am near Windsor and West London area. Do u guys know of a rolling road place that would be reachable for me to get my car tuned on the rolling road on?. I would prefer to go to a place that comes recommended and then at least hopefully be dealing with people that know how to tune a R5. Appreciate any feedback. :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Horn
« on: 14:03, Thu 07 August 2008 »

I have my standard air horn on the car but I think it must be knackered as sounds like a faint buzzer when u use it.

What are my options. Do I go CGB route and try and get replacement horn as wiring seems ok. Is it a known issue when these horns don't sound loud enough?. Or is there a similar descent aftermarket horn available to fit?.

Your cars / My Restored Raider
« on: 00:11, Tue 15 July 2008 »

I have restored this car to as good a condition as I could in the time so far as bought it in November 2007. Heres pics of how it is looking now:

You even get a glimpse of my 205 1.9 Cti along side my R5 Raider

I did strip it and have a bare metal respray and built it back up as maticulously as I could so a typical shot of what it was like:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Cooling Fan slowing down and speeding up?
« on: 10:33, Mon 14 July 2008 »

yesterday strangely I noticed my colling fan cutting in as usual but it was slowing down and speeding up?. The speed of the fan was varying as kept sounding like it was dying and then would reach full speed again. Today after a run to work I noticed it not cut in at all!.

I will have to investigate but has anyone experienced this sympton on their cars?. I will check if there is any air in the system and the wires and then may have to get into more work with switches and relays?. Also I guess the fan motor could have given up which I could check by putting voltage directly to it I guess. :?

I have spotted a leak on my rad as well which I will have to repair or replace as I have to top up the coolant every few days and have seen the leak on the rad but never the less the fan has been working fine regardless of this up til now?.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Performance Upgrade?
« on: 08:55, Thu 19 June 2008 »
Hi my Raider has been running standard all its life. I have read a lot of posts about guys doing their Renaults up to push 180 to 200bhp. My car has a scorpian exhaust, K&N induction kit and strapped intercooler but other than that it has standard turbo and standard boost. I have just had the Head Gasket replaced with an uprated Head Gasket and bolts.

I am wondering what would need to be done to say achieve around 140. Any advice would be appreciated. I would prefer to keep modifications to a minimum but don't mind making some changes if need be to get that little extra. It would be great to shave half a second or so of the acceleration times.  :?:

General Chat / My Standard Renault 5 RAIDER
« on: 10:29, Mon 04 February 2008 »
This is my Raider and I am going over the entire car with a fine tooth comb as want the car to be absolutely perfect!. I have it booked in at present and have stripped the interior as getting the whole car wax oiled to keep it rust proof over the years as it has been cleaned and ready preped for the wax oil.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear Windscreens smashing
« on: 20:37, Sun 27 January 2008 »
Hi guys

I had my rear windscreen just shatter for no logical reason on my Raider. I then replaced it with another rear screen which seemed ok. Someone told me not to connect the rear screen demister on the screen as apparently they are know to pop. I could not believe that the rear windscreens could be known to shatter just by the use of the rear screen demister.
Strangely enough my screen was fine for a couple of weeks until I decided to demist the rear screen by use of the demister. The screen cleared and after a couple of minutes it just shattered!!!!!!. Now as it was my second screen in a few weeks. I will now have to get a 3rd screen and will be frightened to use the rear screen demister again.
Is this a known issue and how bad is it and is there a work around as the demister is such a basic necessity.
Any feedback from u guys would be appreciated.
 :?  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Door dropped need advise
« on: 23:55, Thu 15 November 2007 »

I noticed my door has dropped significantly and is difficult to get closed. I have removed the door pins and metal strap. There was a lot of play in the pins. I have bought new pins that you tap in. The problem is the hinge is welded onto the car and the hole that takes the pin has worn so the new pin also seems to have play.

I am contemplating ideas such as drill the hole larger if possible then have a bushing made to fit in the hole and take the pin. This is very difficult as the hole to be drilled would have to be so precise etc. I have had a suggestion of using coke can metal in the hole as a sleeve for the pin.

Is there a known solution to the problem and what ways have and haven't worked for guys out there????. I live near heathrow airport so is there anyone that does a professional fix for this?. :?

Newbies / Hi all I have just bought a GT Turbo.
« on: 12:03, Tue 23 October 2007 »

Sorry guys as I have just started posting in other areas but never introduced myself.
I have owned many a high performance cars over the years such as Audi Ur Quattro turbo, BMW M3, Lancia Delta Integrale, Mercedes Cosworth. One thing has been eating away at me over the years and thats the Renault 5 GT Turbo my friend bought a few years ago and I used to drive. I still remember having had the most amount of fun in it.
I therefore have bought a Raider GT Turbo which at present needs a lot of TLC. My aim is to restore it to its former glory and to keep it as standard as possible. I may in the process need lots of advise and help so will continue to post away.
At present am in the process of stripping the car down as have removed bumpers and bodykit to guage the condition of the bodywork in all those lovely hidden areas. Will then cleanand reassemble.
I have already taken it for a quick run and the car is as fun as I remember them to be!! :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Worn Raider Drivers Seat
« on: 15:53, Thu 18 October 2007 »

I have a worn seat in my Raider I have bought. The side bolster cloth is worn and the cloth is worn on the back rest around the area with the blue fleck pattern. Is there anyone out there that can supply Raider seat cloth or a clean seat that is in original Raider black with blue specks?. I tried Renault main dealers regarding the seat cloth but joy even in main London branch.
I don't ideally want to replace the seats with the standard red and black seats even though I probably will end up having to do that. I certainly do not want after market seats as want to keep my car as close to original factory spec as possible. :?:

General Chat / What colour are Raider Dashboard clocks?
« on: 14:42, Thu 18 October 2007 »
Does a Raider have the same colour clocks in the dashboard binnacle as a standard GT Turbo?. I have seen Raiders with Blue, White and Black  clock fascias. What colour did these cars come with from factory?. :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Raider Paint Code???
« on: 14:20, Thu 18 October 2007 »

I have bought a Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider. My id plate has a dent in it where the colour code is. I think the code is 449. Can anyone with a Raider confirm what the colour code is as I wanted to order up a touch up stick for the car?. Main dealers won't help me without the paint code. :?

General Chat / Mechanic needed
« on: 10:19, Wed 17 October 2007 »

Does anyone know of a decent renault mechanic or garage to help me maintain my Gt Turbo I have just bought. I live in the Windsor area near Heathrow. I have overheating issues with the car at mo and want to take it to someone who knows what they are doing?. :?

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