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Your cars / My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:49, Wed 05 October 2011 »
Thought i would start a thread here for those that are not on RTOC. I started this about 2 and a half years ago after looking at a few and enquiring about some others via email.

Here is my car as i bought it.

General Chat / hosting pictures
« on: 14:59, Wed 31 August 2011 »
How do i upload a picture to a thread from photbucket?


Other Renaults / diffrence between an campus and gt
« on: 08:54, Tue 08 September 2009 »
I have been looking for about 3 months now for a good shell 5 gturbo in white, really a non runner. I plan to build a 172 white track car and a bit of fun for the summer.

White shell standard, 172 engine, buckets, full race cage, stripped int, electric c locking and windows removed, plastic windows, uprated suspension and brake, oh and a lovely paint job.

Now to buy this is not as easy as it sounds, either modified engines i don't want ridiculous body kits or tatty shells.

Half way decent 5 1000-3000 for a hevily modified car or 250 campus and 3000 to play with.

So for the boffins on hear is there much difference between the two car from what i what to be left with?

Ie stronger chassis better running gear?

Any advice would be great.

I have also been picking a few members brains.


General Chat / whats up with the rtoc
« on: 17:03, Fri 05 October 2007 »
i have paid my 25 to join via paypal, but have still not been send confirmation or my passwords. emailed twice now and no joy.

Is the site down or something?


Newbies / 32 newbie and looking for another 5
« on: 18:38, Tue 02 October 2007 »
had one of these in Grey when i was 19 loved it then and still love the shape, my brother had been spending the last few year making his dream mk 3 escort so I'm following suit and looking for another 5 turbo.

Anyone selling or thinking about selling get in touch, I'm looking in the obvious places.

I'm after a standard mint Grey silver or white low millage car, no more than 60k with all the mots and service history. I want a loved car to just keep for weekends not planing on any mods other than basic exhaust and wheels.

I'm now 32 and have had allsorts of cars right up to a 370bhp evo 8, love bikes to.

hello to everyone I'm signing up on the rtoc too, hoping to find my dream 5


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