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What are standard actuators good for boost wise, can you run 18-20psi on them?

To 'upgrade' them can you simply change the spring in them, sorry dont no to much about these

Ever since i got my 5 its allways had this problem. 1st got it was fine through all gears etc, clutch was fine, but then every now and again it would sort of 'lock up', i still had a good clutch pedal, but couldnt get gears without crunching, but then id give the clutch a good few pumps and finally get a gear then it would be fine again.

Decided id put a clutch cable in as it had washers on the gearbox end, but still had to use washers with new clutch cable, then the thrust bearing sounded abit squeky so thought id fit a new valeo volvo clutch (the tuners 'uprated' one), clutch pedal is nice, is spot on 95% of the time, all gears etc, then itl play up again.

Prime example... i was coming down the motorway cruising in 5th, pull off slip road, stop for roundabout, go to put in 1st and doesnt want to know, then is all good again, and i think sometimes if i go over a bump in the road it does it two.

So iv changed the cable, clutch and im pretty sure gearbox is good, maybe its the gear linkage? I dont really know what im looking for here? Or if anyone has any other ideas?


General Chat / Anyone good with photoshop, wheel colour
« on: 11:02, Sun 03 May 2009 »
Got a spare set of standard wheels so am going to do them a different colour, if anyones good with photoshop if you dont mind having a play post it up...

1st was thinking - all white, then on each spoke theres a line that runs round, fill that in black maybe to break it up abit

2nd possibly do them in that sort of light grey colour, but not sure how this would look on a black car

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rear arch removal, refiting?
« on: 11:40, Sat 17 January 2009 »
just a quikie, am geting some paint work done soon, my rear arches arnt in the best condition so going to get them sprayed or possibly fit new ones, do they come off the same as the front arches, i.e unbolt from the wing on inside? or bonded or anything


Renault 5 GT Turbo / diameter of air filter pipeing?
« on: 23:14, Tue 06 January 2009 »
Need to buy a piece of silicone hose to relocate my air filter, anyone know what size diameter ill need?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Can anyone set up my carb? cambridge area
« on: 23:44, Thu 23 October 2008 »
Is there anyone localish that fancys setting up my carb, am not in the know with these, can supply the beers/food/smoke whatever it takes

Events/Shows/Cruises / Oct 11, santa pod, saturday night special
« on: 22:01, Sun 21 September 2008 »
As above, many going in the 5's?

Events/Shows/Cruises / Southend / Basildon tomorrow night 20th
« on: 15:31, Fri 19 September 2008 »
Anyone going off here, there are a few rtoc boys going me included, and a clio club to. Meet at basildon mcdonalds at 7.30 then off to southend sea front

General Chat / rtoc
« on: 15:33, Wed 20 August 2008 »
Went to the website and it looks like the old site is up and running, tried loging in but no luck. Anyone else loged in? or having troubles?

by the way i am a member of the full site even before it went down

General Chat / black 5, tinted windows. photoshoppers??
« on: 14:11, Wed 13 August 2008 »
Heres my black 5, am considering having the windows tinted, but dont know weather it will look a bit overkill black on black. Has anyone got any pictures of black 5's with tinted windows, or is there any photoshoppers out there who could do mine, was thinking might just get them lightly tinted then might look ok

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bonnet bracket broken, picture on thread
« on: 19:17, Mon 11 August 2008 »
My bonnet bracket is broken, its not the bit yourd have thought though, its the part that looks like it was welded to the car near the headlight.

Iv seen the other bits for sale, the part that bolts to the bonnet, but havent seen the bit i need. what should i do? heres the pic, as you can see you can pull it right out

Ice / now sorted
« on: 13:50, Mon 11 August 2008 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / exhuast/downpipe gasket?
« on: 14:08, Thu 07 August 2008 »
took my standard system off, and where the standard elbow joins the downpipe theres a metal gasket/washer, do i need this in between an enlarged elbow and scorpion downpipe?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / quick reminider, actuator adjustment
« on: 19:06, Wed 06 August 2008 »
quick reminder guys which way raises boost on standard turbo.actuator.

from memory im sure i made the rod longer, exposing more threads to increase boost. correct?

Your cars / My black phase 2
« on: 18:02, Tue 05 August 2008 »
This is the 1st 5 iv owned, always had the bug for them since i can remember...

Bought her about 11months ago from slough just after id turned 18, on 105,000 miles, all original bar a filter, and a straped up intercooler, was running standard boost, interior is in pretty good con, drivers seat bolster has worn through but not very badly compared to most iv seen, didnt get much history with it, but price reflected it as im sure i got a bargain. This is what she looked like

Got her home and checked her out on the ramp at work, changed the oil and filter straight away, her mot was also coming close

Was very pleased with it, underneath looked fine, no rust to the bootlid, a very small patch on the rear quarter, and a very small patch around the windscreen. Needed a cv boot, front top mounts, snaped coil spring, and a bolt missing from the seat. Did all this and she went through the mot sweet, also got a bonnet and wings for her as these where matt black. Had a bit of a nightmare finding top mounts (it was the 'top hats' that where causing a problem), but got some in the end, had to replace the springs anyway so opted for some apex 50mm jobbies and lowered here at the back to. Adjusted the actuator and she now runs 12.5psi, fitted a alloy carb top, red boost hoses, cup mod, and relocated air filter away from turbo.

Also since have fitted new cap and rotor arm, changed the coolant, re set the tappets
I only drove her for a couple of weeks while i did the work and got her through the mot, couldnt get any permanent insurence as was 18, now a year on and shes been sat in the garage, been got out every now and again, i should have her out real soon and have got a full scorpion system and enlarged downpipe to fit (fitted)

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