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General Chat / Crash
« on: 06:56, Wed 03 September 2008 »
Had a crash last night. :o

Front bumper is destroyed, front panel looks bent in.

Looks like the Chassis might have a bend in it aswell.

Its driving and it aint leaking, but i think it might be a write off :(

Some cnut cut me up and i ended up hitting a pole.

A mechanic friend of mine is coming to look at it tomorrow, to tell me the bad news.


Luckily its only a campus and not a turbo otherwise i would be rather upset.

General Chat / Octobers Performance Tuner Magazine
« on: 12:35, Tue 02 September 2008 »
Sorry if this has been talked about before.

...but anyone read Octobers Performance Tuner Magazine

Got some quality looking R5s in there. "F398UNP" registration plate, with cgb stickers on the window and europarts.

There is also a prima dono in there.

8 pages worth of stuff and some nice pics.

keeps me busy at work anyway.

Events/Shows/Cruises / Ace Cafe - 15th September
« on: 08:38, Tue 02 September 2008 »
I know there are various threads concerning Ace Cafe, but i think there should be one dedicated to September.

Meet Name: French Classic & Performance Cars 6pm

15th September
Start Time: 18:00 PM
End Time: 23:00 PM
Meet Details:  


Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Tel: 020 8961 1000


GPS Coordinate
N 51:32:26 (51.540455)
W 0:16:43 (-0.278664)


Ace Corner is the junction of Beresford Avenue and the old North Circular Road, between the A40 and the A404 (Harrow Road)




Maybe interested?:


General Chat / How many...
« on: 23:16, Thu 14 August 2008 »
...girls can you get in a renault 5?

not including me (a guy) driving.

i will be posting the answer tomorrow (hopefully with pics)

Have a guess.

General Chat / r5 specialists
« on: 09:40, Wed 13 August 2008 »
Is there any r5 specialists/places near north London?


General Chat / No consideration
« on: 06:56, Wed 13 August 2008 »
Last night i went down to luton to meet scratcher (and his mate with a black phase 2, you will have to tell me who) to pick up a parcel shelf for my r5.

Anyway, i get home to find that some pr*ck has hit the back of my car and driven off. I was parked on the road, but very tight to the curb. Can't believe it, luckily i have a new back bumper coming from Mike Wilson, but it's the principle.

General Chat / Coil Spring Assister
« on: 16:07, Tue 12 August 2008 » ... yId_123108

Anyone had any dealings with Coil Spring Assisters?

My car is too low at the front and want to move it up 10mm

Ice / Far speakers
« on: 07:27, Tue 12 August 2008 »
Just put.....

in my front car doors. Tweetors and 13cm components but i was wondering what size are the back speakers next to the seat belts in the back and on the side next to the parcel shelf. (far corners of car)[/img]

Your cars / R5 Campus - 1.4 - 1993. Replica.
« on: 09:50, Mon 11 August 2008 »
Hey guys.

I have a campus GT lookalike :) I was getting quoted 5000 for the 1.4 turbo.

Mines *work in progress* but here are pictures of the car when i bought it.

Front of car

Awful smoked indicators which are well used, non-matching front headlights, dodgy front grill, bad front number plate.

Under Bonnet

Pretty standard with old parts all over the place. Head gasket blown and cooling system bad.


Seats worn and ripped, carpet dirty and ragged, speakers so old that the magnets broken.

Back of car

Back bumper cracked and broken. Back cluster broken without the part underneith the light.

Number plates are awful with some sort of chav renault badges all over them.


Once Complete i will post some pics of what i have done to fix the car.

Debating putting a 1.4 lump in and not telling the insurance company but not too sure yet. It's well dodgy to do (vin numbers etc).

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Parcel shelf plans
« on: 11:35, Fri 08 August 2008 »
Has anyone got any plans/dimensions for making your own parcel shelf?

Or if anyone has any links or any advice help.


Other Renaults / water pump
« on: 00:38, Tue 05 August 2008 »
Would this fit a renault 5 - campus - prima - 1.4 - 1993



Other Renaults / Help :(
« on: 23:40, Wed 30 July 2008 »
Right got some big problems with the renault 5 campus.

The coolant tank (circled) has so much pressure and water is p*ssing out of there, i got a new cap for it but made no difference.

Tried using some radweld but still no difference.

Steam is coming out of the bonnet, and its getting really hot.

Seems like there is air in the pipes.

A experienced clio friend of mine thinks it is possibly the head gasket.

If it is how hard is it to replace? Can anyone else think what it could be?

Thanks in advance.

Other Renaults / Air Filter
« on: 01:41, Sun 27 July 2008 »
I know it is not a GT Turbo....


I'm after a K & N Filter for a 1.4 - R5 - campus (1993) does anyone know if i can get a k&N filter or induction kit for it. If so could you give me the part code.


Other Renaults / renault 5 campus
« on: 07:55, Tue 22 July 2008 »
As mine is only a GT Replica im not really sure where to post this but...

Could somebody identify the part that is circled.


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