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General Chat / Weeeellll its a long time no speak...
« on: 22:49, Thu 07 December 2006 »
Hello ladies.

How are things in the Renault 5 world? Still alive and kickin?

I got nostalgic big style the other day as I saw my first old Renault 5 TR driving along the street.  That then got me to thinking about my beloved Monaco that I sold and how much I missed it.

I am a Mazda whore now, but I miss the Renault sooo much.  How are things going here anyway?


General Chat / Im selling up my Monaco project.
« on: 20:45, Sun 08 May 2005 »
As above. How much do you think i will get for it?

Im going Jap you see :D Mazda MX-6 2.5 V6


General Chat / Autoglym Drift Racing Championships 2005
« on: 15:56, Fri 29 April 2005 »
Round 1 people...8th of May @ Snetterton... ... PIC_ID=351


Your cars / What you've all been waiting for!
« on: 18:35, Sat 09 April 2005 »
This is my car ladies and gents. Pretty much finished apart from a few extra mods.

What do you think?

This car has been so much hard work, but easily worth it!


MY car is now lowered people.  But the tyres are squealing like a bitch - its cos of the camber - HOW DO I SORT IT OUT!?!?!?  :cry:

I know about the camber adjusting bolts from K-Tec, but i dont know how they fit! :oops:

What to do?!?!


Your cars / Some nice kit going onto my car tomorrow...
« on: 22:33, Wed 30 March 2005 »
The shocks are second hand and restored by myself and my dad.

The whole lot is going on tomorrow, and my car is getting lowered as well. One notch on the back and 35mm on the front. I cant wait!


General Chat / Rim Sizes...
« on: 19:55, Sun 06 March 2005 »
Whats the maximum rim size you can fit on a 5?

Will 16" rims present any problems?


Your cars / Renault 5 Monaco Project...
« on: 19:52, Fri 04 March 2005 »
Well folks the time is drawing near.

My project has been a long and expensive one.  I bought the car for 700 pounds back early last year.  At this current point in time i have spent nearly 3,000 getting it up to scratch, and thats without modifying the engine.  Its been a long, arduous and often MIND BENDINGLY ANNOYING trip but definitely worth it.

In about a months time the car will be complete (apart from future engine mods) and as such i will post a complete car profile on here with a history and performance specs.

WATCH THIS SPACE!!!  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:


General Chat / Supercharged R5...
« on: 23:57, Sun 20 February 2005 »
My dad is a supercharging specialist, we are considering our options on the 1.7 F2N engine....

Any comments?


Other Renaults / BLOODY CAR!!!! (R5 Monaco 1.7)
« on: 10:22, Mon 14 February 2005 »
Heya folks, last night i went to a cruise and had a great night with my newly done up car.

This morning the fecker wont start and im stuck at home without an electrics test kit.  The engine turns over a couple of times then - bam - it wont do it anymore.

After that the engine quite happily goes to pre-ignition but no further.  I reckon its the spark plugs becuase this PROBLEM (long story) has been getting steadily worse!

What do you all reckon?


General Chat / My Monaco...
« on: 10:42, Sat 05 February 2005 »
Hello guys!

My monaco is in the bodyshop as i type this.  I went to see the progress today and its amazing whats being done.

My Car will be a DOPE ride or some such like.

Piccies will be up next week!!!

Have it large.

Media / Fahrenheit 911
« on: 23:52, Thu 27 January 2005 »
This is going to sound really pansy of me but it has to be said.

I dont know if anyone watched Michale Moore's Fahrenheit 911 tonight, but I did.

Towards the end of this film i was in tears.  Im no puff and no soft as shite case but this film was hardcore!

What does everyone else think?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Future idea for my Monaco...
« on: 01:31, Wed 26 January 2005 »
This is what i want to do to my monaco engine...

Nice big fat turbo system.

General Chat / Who does this dodgy geezer look like?
« on: 01:28, Wed 26 January 2005 »
Peeps, who does this dodgy geezer look like?

Hmmmmmmmmm - any comments?

« on: 10:52, Thu 20 January 2005 »
Check out this site, if you end up going along to an event, bring a card with you saying and i will come and let you into the VIP area!!!


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