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Ice / Re: rattle's!!
« on: 12:17, Tue 23 August 2011 »
a smooted boot should not crack if its been done correctly. U should not fill with filler altho the name would suggest so. Fibreglass is for filling n filler is for shapping up so anybody filling large dents or smoothing boots with just filler is doing it wrong. Ive been trained at college to do car body work so understand the processes and have been doing it nearly 6 years. If any of you have ever been 2 car shows n seen/heard sound system comps, u may have noticed most of the cars r heavily modified, smoothed boots, fibreglass bodykits etc, you dont see them all cracked n falling off. As long as its been done correctly u should have no probs  :D

General Chat / Re: Red Hot Restoration
« on: 18:39, Tue 07 June 2011 »
just an update to let you people know that i can now offer sand blasting  :D

will also be able to offer vehicle blasting soon, just got to make an area so the workshop doesnt get covered  :D

General Chat / Re: Red Hot Restoration
« on: 15:26, Thu 12 May 2011 »
anybody wanting to get in contact with me other than through here you can email me or you can call me on 07789190854. Please be aware that i may not answer the phone as i could be grinding or something else noisey so either leave a message and il get back to you or try again  :D

General Chat / Red Hot Restoration
« on: 11:41, Tue 10 May 2011 »
hi guys and gals.

ive been restoring VW's for the last 3 years for a company that recently made me redundant :(
so rather than go and work for another idiot i thought id try and work for myself  :D
so thats why im here today to offer you guys my services. i am experiance and qualified in car body repair  :D

these prices will just be an estimate as every car is different and everybodys wishes are different.  Please bare in mind that i may not be able to get panels for R5s anymore depending on what it is.

basic hourly rate for club members 25 an hour = 200 for an 8 hour day.

150 per panel plus the panel so if you wanted a rear arch done this is what it would cost to get the arch welded on, shaped up and the rear quater painted, if your inner arch needs repairing aswell then this will cost extra.

if you are interested in having your complete car done, i.e both sills and rear arches welded on, shaped up and the outside of the car painted this will be 2500 for metalic paint and 2000 for non metalic paint, both prices plus paint. if you are interested in having a special paint effect such as metal flake, flip paint or pearlesent paint then this will be more as will inner arch repairs, engine bay painting etc.

we can also offer a complete restoration service, please contact if seriously interested for prices.

also price can change depending on if interior is still in the car and if it is required to come out. if you want anything sand blasted or for a bare metal paint job.

best to contact with details and pictures if your not close enough to pop by.

if there is anything you think i have missed off or any questions you would like to ask me please feel free, id be more than happy to try and help you  :D

thanks peeps

laura   :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: anti-perc fan
« on: 14:04, Fri 07 January 2011 »
ive run with out mine for years and no problems  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:32, Wed 25 February 2009 »
thanks i'll have a measure.
be good bass if you could measure yours too for a comparison if you have a clio

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:48, Thu 19 February 2009 »
lol i dunno, i was hoping some1 could tell me :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / will clio shocks fit the r5?
« on: 19:15, Thu 19 February 2009 »

does any1 know if the clio shocks will fit the r5 please? mine are shot to bits n its starting to get dangerous  :shock:

or can any1 suggest the cheapest place to get some shocks from.

ta laura   :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 00:48, Fri 16 November 2007 »
Quote from: "GTTBoy"
You won't be able to leave the car & arm the alarm mate. Unless it's a clifford & it has intellistart with TT facility.

not entirely true.

i have a greddy auto timer in my 5 and a toad alarm, and i can arm the alarm while the timers counting down but need to turn off the sensors. the alarm is atill active and will sound if the cars broken into.

as for the insurance, i dont see it bein that much of a problem due to the fact that turbo timers have security features whereas if the handbrake is released the engine will switch off. this greddy timer also has speed funtions and if it senses the car move, via vehicle speed sensor the engine will shut off.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 16:26, Wed 14 November 2007 »
Quote from: "RickGTT"
aint leaded fuel meant to be quite good for the 5 :?:

 yeh and try finding some theese days is a bastard.  there are only a handful of petrol stations left that still sell 4 star. closest to me is about 30 miles away.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:20, Tue 13 November 2007 »
the auxilliary tank isnt a necessity, and will not create any faults if it is not there. it is just used as a reserve tank and holds 7 litres.  the main tanks are the same.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:12, Tue 13 November 2007 »
the starter is at the back of the engine, kinda between the d/s drive shaft and the exhaust manifold.
the haynes manual says that the downpipe should be removed,autodata says its a 4hr job :shock:

i did this job a couple of weeks ago and spent an hour on it, that includes washing my hands and putting my tools away after.

you will need to jack up the car, put on axle stands to be safe.
lay under the car and you should see the starter at the back of the block.
remove the 2 wires from the starter, then remove the 13mm bolt holding the brace to the block (if fitted, ours didnt have this).
next, from above, is the 3 16mm(i think) bolts holding the starter to the gearbox, these are under the turbo area. once theyre out, give the starter a wiggle and let the old starter drop to the floor.
fitting the new motor is a reversal of this procedure and can be fiddly to get the new motor in place.
dont forget there is a locating dowel, this will be in the gearbox or the starter. this must be refitted to correctly align the starter pinion.


you can just about see the starter sitting under the exhaust manifold.

Other Renaults /
« on: 11:52, Tue 30 October 2007 »
sorry but im not a believe in making something look like what its not, id just go straight for the turbo myself and not waste money on a campus.

General Chat /
« on: 11:41, Tue 30 October 2007 »

i aint got no pics or stickers but if you look on ebay they come up now and again or even try the french ebay, like ours but instead of, its .fr

hope you find what your looking for   :D

Your cars /
« on: 13:53, Fri 26 October 2007 »
Quote from: "GTTBoy"
Thats a Tarmac kit IIRC

it is the monte carlo kit, unsure, look here ... ?pid=11167

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