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Newbies / Re: Hi from Gloucestershire
« on: 19:16, Fri 16 December 2016 »
Hope it is ok to join with an Extra van rather than a GTT :)
Just bought the Extra and starting work on it straight away, needs a bit of welding and some mechanics but nothing that phases me :)
Will be asking questions and will post up pics if thats ok :)
afraid this site has been taken over by spammers. The site owner went awol & us mods gave up clearing the constant spam years ago mate.. turbo renault or rtoc would be the places to join..

General Chat / Spammers taken over the site
« on: 19:13, Fri 16 December 2016 »
Nobody uses this site except spammed,  the site owner has gone awol & us mods gave up trying to clear all the spammed long ago.. sorry everyone

Your cars / Re: latest pics of my standard R5GTT :D
« on: 08:38, Tue 12 March 2013 »
RTOC have quite a few events through the year. You aren't far from the monthly Surrey meet at Kingswood. I will try to post up the events & details if you don't want to join RTOC, it's 15 per year & you get national day, pod days, RR days, local meets & tons of knowledge :)

Very nice car BTW.


General Chat / Re: renault 5 to f7p
« on: 08:33, Tue 12 March 2013 »
Quote from: "brainz"
also do you know if i could use the small part of loom on the car end from a megane?
Not sure on either, you need a phase 1 ecu though as the phase 2 are immobilised.

General Chat / Re: renault 5 to f7p
« on: 18:54, Sat 09 March 2013 »
Take a look in here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9345 to get your head round some of the wiring. But that was from GT Turbo to F7P...
You need the engine loom & a section of the car loom with the plug to make it easier, then just buzz out which wires you will use.

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 21:05, Sun 24 February 2013 »
Looks good Dave.

General Chat / Re: need some engine swap help and knowledge
« on: 19:33, Sun 24 February 2013 »
If you can find one then yes it's a pretty good conversion, personally I think the GT Turbo one is easier to get power from :)

General Chat / Re: need some engine swap help and knowledge
« on: 15:49, Sun 24 February 2013 »
Just get the running gear from the GT Turbo then.

General Chat / Re: need some engine swap help and knowledge
« on: 22:09, Sat 23 February 2013 »
How much knowledge of mechanics have you got? I ask as the easiest is prob drop the GTT running gear in & away you go, you might need the clocks as well as the campus will be cable no doubt. Clio 16v isn't to bad but wiring is hard if you can't get your head round that sort of thing, nor is the volvo turbo engine swap. Then you are onto things like the clio 172/182 or 20v VW/Audi sort of stuff which is alot harder to sort. The VW stuff involves cutting subframes & fabricating engine mounts etc.

Newbies / Re: Hi
« on: 21:44, Fri 22 February 2013 »
Nice, has it had paint or is it electric blue ?

Newbies / Re: New owner (yesterday)
« on: 18:00, Thu 07 February 2013 »
Ah, I think I know that car. Is it looking a bit sorry for itself painted matt black ?
Think that came from up my way & I almost bought it ;)

Newbies / Re: New owner (yesterday)
« on: 09:52, Wed 06 February 2013 »
Welcome to the site.
Best place for oils etc is motor factors really, GSF or the likes.
Not to sure why it won't rev, sounds carb or poss plug/lead related ??
Do a service on her & see how she is after that.  :wink:

What colour is it by the way ?

Newbies / Re: Hi all..
« on: 17:43, Sun 27 January 2013 »
Quote from: "TCRFiveGT"
Found this forum and it looks very informative. Have just aquired a well looked after Renault 5 GT Turbo. Want to look after it and pull on the experiences of the forum members for help and advice if required. I will also help where I can. :)
Welcome to the site :)

General Chat / Members locations
« on: 08:39, Sat 26 January 2013 »
You can post here the general location you live so maybe you can arrange meets, or convoys to events.
We did have another but I deleted it by accident  :oops:   :lol:

Steve L --- West Sussex UK

General Chat / Re: Where is my topic?
« on: 08:31, Sat 26 January 2013 »
Sorry, we had alot of spammers yesterday & I deleted the whole thread by accident  :oops:  :oops:
I also deleted another thread as welll on 'where in the country are you'  :oops:  


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