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Newbies / Re: I am new on here, have a Raider and need some help :-(
« on: 07:51, Sat 22 February 2014 »
Thanks for the reply. Further north....towards North Yorkshire. I didn't know there was a Facebook page to be honest.  How frustrating is it that local I have been to 3 Renault specialists who have said they wouldn't touch it. All I have asked is to sort all the pipe work for the carburettor, oil pipes and water pipes. Whats even more silly is main dealers wouldnt even take it on. All the places admitted its because its to complicated and dont have the 'old books'?
I then went to a local carb specialist who previously has done some work on my trotter van. He said he didnt know what to do as its got a turbo? At this point im thinking WTF and really fed up.

Anyways I stopped a stranger who was driving last week in a R5 turbo. He seemed decent enough and he agreed to pop by with his just so I can look at his and compare the pipework. He said Saturday. Lets see if he comes  :-[

Hi guys,

Ive got a R5 GT turbo raider which I took down to a shell to full restore. When I say shell i mean literally!
Its nearly ready now apart from the fact that I have no idea where the water pipes, fuel pipes for carb and breather pipes go. Ive got brand new parts and have done the ones which are obvious. Ive had a look at pictures on this site but they only show the top.  I would be over the moon if someone can give some guidance  :o :( :'(

Newbies / I am new on here, have a Raider and need some help :-(
« on: 15:41, Tue 18 February 2014 »
Hi guys I am the owner of a Renault 5 Gt turbo which I am in the process of fully rebuilding. Anybody with one live close to the north east? I want to physically see the engine bay so I know where all the pipes go back on. Help needed :o

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