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Spotted / Was It You? / Re: 4 or 5 turbos and a campus
« on: 14:21, Tue 13 May 2014 »
I know who it would have been it was jermainne black 5 red wheels, johnathan firth tungy grey standard 5, chris hughes black 5 black wheels. There was another turbo with them and a campus. Theye were going to some show around there. Check out renault 5 gt turbo owners on facebook there on there.

Newbies / Re: I am new on here, have a Raider and need some help :-(
« on: 18:09, Thu 20 February 2014 »
Where in the north east are you? I live in sheffield or are you further north? Have you tried the renault 5 turbo owners group on facebook?

Newbies / Re: R5 Mad Girl
« on: 11:50, Fri 24 January 2014 »
Sell the campus`s and buy yourself a real turbo you`ll not stop smiling  ;D

General Chat / Re: Members locations
« on: 18:24, Wed 20 November 2013 »
Sheffield  8)

General Chat / Re: Classifieds section doesnt work?
« on: 18:23, Wed 20 November 2013 »
Bit of a strange site really lol seems like its been abandoned. I mena theyre peddling drugs in the general page pmsl. Send me some pics of your 5 I might have a mate who`d be interested in yours. Cheers bud

General Chat / Classifieds section doesnt work?
« on: 15:57, Tue 12 November 2013 »
Any idea why the classifieds secton doesn`t work?

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: White GTT harrogate
« on: 15:47, Tue 12 November 2013 »
Could Have been mine, my mate was bringing mine back i bought from Harrogate in october. Pearl white one

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