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Your cars / Re: My Extra van
« on: 19:22, Tue 14 January 2014 »
super cool

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: White GTT harrogate
« on: 20:17, Fri 10 January 2014 »
i used to see it regularly i was in a clio 172 waved a few times. looked clean

Spotted / Was It You? / White GTT harrogate
« on: 23:11, Tue 03 September 2013 »
on harrogate road looks standard

Your cars / Re: Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider project
« on: 15:43, Sat 08 June 2013 »
few more images before i get started on the strip down

Your cars / Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider project
« on: 15:22, Fri 07 June 2013 »
i had known about the car for years and knew it was quite special and i got a call off a friend telling me it was for sale so shes now mine. Its got a Monte Carlo bodykit and some wide wheels ( unsure about the look of it yet might put it back to standard) engine wise its got a Stg2 hybrid turbo an ungraded carb,huge intercooler and a full exhaust system from the turbo back. interior wise its got bucket seats and a boost gauge other than that its as renault build it in there. its been stood a few years so could do with a full refresh sills are fairly solid just needs a small repair on the drivers side


Newbies / New Character
« on: 15:12, Fri 07 June 2013 »
Hello everyone i had a GT turbo a few years back and fancied another so here we are  :D i now own a Raider resto project

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